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October 2019

Solix Shares the CyberGRX Assessment

Driving Business and Saving Time

One Assessment For All

After filling out disparate spreadsheet assessments year after year, one of Solix’s customers asked them to complete a CyberGRX assessment. The Solix team was able to finish the assessment quickly thanks to the ability to delegate portions of the assessment to the appropriate business owners and the expedient clarity provided by CyberGRX’s customer experience team.

More importantly, their completed CyberGRX assessment offered detailed insights about their security posture that a manual assessment never could have provided. Knowing their areas of strength and what to work on in their security posture helped Solix build their customer’s confidence when mitigating risks. They look forward to sharing their completed assessment upstream with many of their customers, as well as keeping the dynamic assessment data up-to-date as their security changes.

About Solix

Solix is a leading provider of big data management solutions for enterprises across the globe. It’s flagship product, SOLIX CDP, empowers organizations to unify all of their data in a single, scalable and compliant data platform for infrastructure optimization, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), data security and analytics. Solix has launched SOLIXCloud – a SaaS version of SOLIX CDP hosted on Azure – to make big data adoption more affordable for organizations across the world. Since launching in 2002, Solix has become a global data management leader and counts some of the biggest names in the industry as their customers, including Fortune 500 companies


Solix is assessed multiple times a year via static, manual spreadsheets. As it is for many vendors, this process is daunting and repetitive for Solix, requiring the spreadsheets to be passed around internally to complete while providing little to no insight on the strength of their security posture. This time-consuming exercise burns valuable resources that could be otherwise focused on proactively managing Solix’s security.

We really liked that it was in the cloud, easy to collaborate and that the CyberGRX team was available for clarifications, which helped us respond to the questions quickly and show our posture accurately.

How CyberGRX Helped

Solix had a customer who used CyberGRX to drive their third-party cyber risk management program, and they requested Solix to complete a Tier 2 Remote Validated CyberGRX assessment for SOLIXCloud. This was a new, yet welcomed, assessment approach for Solix, as the static spreadsheet approach was replaced with an online approach that enabled multiple team members to work on it.

They found the assessment to be very comprehensive, structured, and the team enjoyed being able to collaborate on the Exchange by delegating sections of the assessment to the correct subject matter expert. This saved them a lot of time, as they formerly had to find and collect documentation from across the company and play an ongoing game of phone and email tag to complete an assessment.

The assessment and validation were completed 3 times faster than the typical spreadsheet assessment they responded to, providing Solix with valuable in-depth information on all of their security controls, showing them areas of strength and areas that can be enhanced further. The comprehensive assessment bolstered their customer’s confidence in SOLIXCLoud’s security. And, as Solix continues to future-proof their security measures, they are able to update their dynamic CyberGRX assessment at any time.


The cherry on top for Solix? They’re now able to share their completed, dynamic CyberGRX assessment upstream to any of their customers. Instead of completing disparate, manual assessments year after year, Solix predicts they will minimize time spent filling in assessments by proactively sharing upstream, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their business.

The CyberGRX assessment was easier to complete than any spreadsheet assessment we’ve seen. With the ability to delegate sections and tasks across our team – as well as getting expedient and helpful support from the CyberGRX team when needed – we finished the assessment seamlessly 3 times faster than the typical spreadsheet assessment. We plan to share our validated assessment with as many upstream partners as possible, which should save us a lot of time.

– Kalyan Manyam, Director of Cloud Products at Solix

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