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Few fields experience as much scrutiny as the pharmaceutical industry: the industry demands international operations, so organizations must manage regulations, vendors and reputational concerns across a variety of geographic and cultural domains. When collecting and sharing sensitive information is a core business practice, it is imperative that your organization has a program to keep track of which vendors need what information and which controls they’ve put in place.

ProcessUnity’s acclaimed Vendor Risk Management and Cybersecurity Risk Management solutions provide an innovative, reliable solution for Pharma/Biotech Organizations to streamline risk management processes through the full life cycle of vendor relationships.

Explore ProcessUnity’s market leading software for Pharma/Biotech Organizations:

Automate and Protect Critical Systems

  • Assess third parties based on configurable intake questions with pre-mapped relationships between questions and regulations, standards and enterprise controls. Vendor questionnaires should be tailored to the vendor’s specific service type to avoid vendor fatigue and increase the likelihood of quality responses. Customized intelligent questionnaires enable organizations to stay ahead of inherent and residual risk with third parties by utilizing classification systems that bring focus to high-risk and critical vendors.

Protect Data and Assets

  • Determine which of your vendors has access to NPI/PII (non-public information/personally identifiable information) to ensure that you are protected against data privacy threats. Knowing which vendors have access to which data allows you to scope assessments and ensure that each vendor is compliant with relevant regulations and service-level agreements.

Centralize and Streamline Workflow

  • ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management centralizes important data to grant your organization visibility into vendor risk. Making risk-based vendor decisions requires reliable insight into the organization’s risk posture and their access to sensitive information. You can only make an informed choice when you know the likelihood of a vendor breach and the threat such a breach would pose.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Assess business associate agreements, perform due diligence, validate controls and more to maintain an acceptable level of risk for your institution. Bring products to market while navigating compliance with regulations such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act.

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