Third-Party Cyber Risk Management Software

Third-Party Threat Tools

Proactively identify, analyze, and monitor potential security threats.
Our suite of threat tools enables you to understand vulnerabilities across your third-party ecosystem, so you can take action to reduce your risks and minimize the impact of an attack.

tp threat tools

Know what could go wrong– in advance.

Use Attack Scenario Analytics, backed by 13 MITRE tactics and 150+ MITRE kill chains, to gain greater visibility and context into how well a third party is prepared to handle common attacks, including control gaps that may need attention.

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See your vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective.

Threat Profiles, based on the tactics and techniques used in over 49 cyberattacks, help you to understand how controls were exploited in each.

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Analyze compliance gaps.

Apply Framework Mapper to uncover gaps in compliance requirements, including HIPAA, NERC, NIST, and more.

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Get an automated alert when an incident occurs.

Risk alerts provide near real-time notification when a third party experiences a data leak, domain abuse, ransomware extortion, C2C comms, or a breach.

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Three Steps to Get Started:

  1. Upload your list of third parties into our Exchange.
  2. Discover your blindspots.
  3. Manage your third-party cyber risk confidently.

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