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Energy operations take place on a global scale, meaning organizations in this industry must be ready to manage events at any point on their supply chain. The energy sector is highly regulated, but it’s also subject to unpredictable political, geographic, and economic reversals. In this industry, effective security and risk management means a program that is as rigorous as it is flexible.

ProcessUnity’s acclaimed Vendor Risk Management and Cybersecurity Performance Management solutions provide an innovative, reliable solution for Energy Organizations to streamline risk management processes through the full life cycle of vendor relationships.

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Assess business associate agreements, perform due diligence, validate controls and more to maintain an acceptable level of risk for your institution. Monitor and assess vendors against FERC/NERC regulations and CIP standards.

Protect Data and Assets

  • Determine which of your vendors has access to NPI/PII (non-public information/personally identifiable information) to ensure that you are protected against data privacy threats. Knowing which vendors have access to which data allows you to scope assessments and ensure that each vendor is compliant with relevant regulations and service-level agreements.

Return to Work Quicker

  • Comprehensive risk insights and multi-level visibility grant senior leadership insight into the risk process and swift follow through when corrective action is needed.
  • Risk-based assessment methodology enables your organization to distribute annual cyber reviews and decrease the amount of time spent on disaster recovery.

Proactively Mitigate Risk

  • ProcessUnity empowers its users to leverage risk scoring across multiple domains, groups, product lines, and more to understand where risk exposure is greatest. Leveraging due diligence questionnaires to vendors, content feeds from data providers, internal assessments and more allow your organization to deploy appropriate controls and mitigation activities to reduce or fully mitigate risk.

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