Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cybersecurity Governance

Regulators want cyber transparency at the board level, taking cybersecurity governance from a nice-to-have to a must-have. ProcessUnity for Cybersecurity Risk Management helps you establish effective cybersecurity governance, connecting your internal stakeholders with your policies, procedures and controls. With ProcessUnity, you create a strategic cybersecurity governance framework, increasing program visibility and empowering stakeholders to protect against cyber risk.

Cybersecurity Governance

With ProcessUnity for Cybersecurity Governance, you can: 

  • Ensure enterprise-wide accountability for cyber risk, from the operational level to the board level 
  • Establish ownership for risks, controls, policies and procedures
  • Crosswalk controls across your frameworks, regulations and standards 
  • Align technology and departments on risk management workflows 
  • Deliver security summaries to stakeholders with tailored reports 

Automate Cyber Risk Assessments 

Cybersecurity governance requires that you understand existing and unidentified risks. ProcessUnity automates cybersecurity risk assessments, allowing you to define your current risk appetite and identify unknown risks. The platform tiers and organizes risks within a central risk register. You prioritize remediation and communicate action plans to the relevant owners, ensuring risk accountability throughout departments. 

Map Your Control Library to Policies and Procedures 

Your control library is central to your program’s governance – if it’s efficient across your requirements, you will guarantee your program is too. ProcessUnity helps identify overlap between your existing policies and procedures, reducing duplication in your control structure. As a result, you ensure compliance with all relevant frameworks, regulations and standards, including NIST CSF, ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Automated control testing allows you to gather evidence against controls and drive continuous improvements in your control effectiveness. 

Integrate with Existing Enterprise Solutions 

Cybersecurity governance must involve stakeholders across the business to improve security awareness. ProcessUnity securely integrates with existing enterprise solutions, facilitating workflows at the necessary integration points without overcomplicating collaboration. With a best-of-breed API, ProcessUnity seamlessly aligns processes and programs for greater efficiency. 

Monitor Cybersecurity Program Performance 

The only way to know your program is effective is to measure and monitor its performance. ProcessUnity offers drilldown dashboards and reports, clarifying your effectiveness across compliance, risks and controls. Configurable report creation allows you to enhance stakeholder visibility with reports tailored to specific concerns. 

Hundreds of organizations worldwide rely on ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Risk Management to implement a centralized system of record for managing cybersecurity activities across the organization. Contact us to start your journey today!

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