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Good governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management practices are good for business. Unfortunately, most organizations today continue to struggle to implement effective and efficient programs. Why? Small- to mid-size organizations can’t justify the big-ticket costs for software and services, so they stick with the spreadsheets they’ve been using for years. Larger organizations aspire to create that “single system of record” for their GRC programs, which usually results in long implementation times, never-ending professional services engagements and applications that just never seem to have all of the features and functions they should. ProcessUnity is changing GRC – making good governance, risk and compliance practices and tools available to organizations of all sizes…at a reasonable price. Our team grew up in GRC: some of us ran risk and compliance programs, some of us developed and implemented GRC software. Throughout our careers, we have all seen what works and what doesn’t. We put our collective experience together and built next-generation technology that is changing the market.

Our Platform

It all starts with our platform…our cloud-based platform. It’s a powerful collection of capabilities – document management, workflow, interactive reporting, and more – combined with the availability, scalability and security that software-as-a-service applications can provide. In a nutshell, our platform is an enabling toolkit that can be used to build almost anything related to GRC automation. But, the truth is most organizations don’t want a toolkit. They don’t have the time or the expertise to build their own apps. They want results…now. So our experts built the apps based on industry best practices. Leveraging the power of our platform, our product team developed a suite of results-ready solutions designed to tackle a number of GRC challenges, including Third-Party Risk ManagementPolicy & Procedure ManagementCompliance Management and even newer paradigms such as Product & Service Offer Management. While each solution is different in terms of what it does, they all share similar characteristics: they are extremely easy to use; they are configurable by business users; and they deploy very quickly. Our intuitive user interface reduces the amount of training users need to get up to speed. Total configurability means that day-to-day risk and compliance professionals can fine-tune the application to fit their particular needs – without having to call someone in IT (or ProcessUnity). Ease-of-use plus configurability give us a tremendous advantage over other systems: We can deploy faster than anyone else. Even our most complex implementations are completed in weeks, not months or even years.

Our Approach

We also price differently. We offer multiple pricing tiers, allowing customers to purchase only the features, functions and user licenses they need. Getting started with GRC automation? Choose our Silver or Gold edition packages and get your program running quickly. Have a robust program with thousands of stakeholders and complex requirements? Our advanced Platinum and Enterprise packages have you covered. Our approach and hard work are paying off. Our clients are getting real results and our customer list is growing at a tremendous rate. As one would expect, the majority of our customers are companies in financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other highly regulated industries. We work with organizations as small as community banks and as large as Fortune 50 organizations. Customer success is our ultimate goal, so we’re proud of our high customer satisfaction scores and retention rates.


ProcessUnity’s leadership team is committed to operating with the utmost integrity in building and leading an organization dedicated to the success of all its stakeholders. ProcessUnity is proud to have leaders who are industry risk and compliance experts with proven experience developing and delivering world-class solutions to customers.

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ProcessUnity partners are an extension of our team, playing a key role in our development and growth. Together, we deliver risk and compliance management solutions that help our customers achieve outstanding performance and unparalleled control.

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As a Boston Globe Top Place to Work, we are committed to attracting a talented, productive, and diverse workforce of the best and brightest in the industry. We offer a unique opportunity to develop and deliver innovative, state-of-art solutions at one of the fastest-growing companies in the market. Click the link below to view ProcessUnity's current risk and compliance management career opportunities.

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