The Top Policy and Procedure Management Challenges and How to Solve Them

Corporate policies – from HR guidelines to pricing rules — set the standards, outline the operations and shape the culture of an organization. So it goes without saying that having a good handle on your company’s policies and procedure management is crucial. But it’s not easy: with constantly changing regulations, an increasing number of vendor relationships and more customer-facing documents, the policy landscape of a company continues to become more complex.

The ProcessUnity team discussed these policy and procedure management challenges and more on a recent webinar hosted by Compliance Week magazine. During the session, we outlined solutions to a number of today’s policy and procedure management challenges:

Hazards Help
Policy Ownership & Accountability


Documents start to slip through the cracks as there are too many moving parts and players involved. Use an automated process to track workflow and connect policy owners with all relevant people and documents.
Single Source of Truth


Employees may be accessing outdated documents. Create auditable trails with date and time stamping for historical record.
“Read and Understood” Certifications


Static policy and procedure libraries are not actively distributed. The read and understood documentation relies on manual processes. Use push tools and reports that automatically send policies and additional alerts for incomplete certifications.
Visibility into Regulatory  Impact


With changing regulations, it may be unclear which policies are affected, and who should be responsible for the changes. Link policies to related regulations such that a subsequent search of a regulation can prompt relevant policies/procedures.
Exception & Violation Management


Passive policies do not account for the reasons and results of exceptions, creating a disconnect between the company’s principles and practices. Record who, what, why and when. This creates strong evidence to manage and confront exceptions or violations.

In evaluating your organization’s policy and procedure management framework, what challenges do you face? How automated are your processes? Watch the Compliance Week webinar replay and learn how to tackle your biggest policy and procedure management challenges.