Third-Party Risk Management

ProcessUnity Policy Evaluator

ProcessUnity artificial intelligence instantly identifies vendor policy gaps and vulnerabilities.

No more tediously combing through policy paperwork to verify your security standards are met. Policy Evaluator shaves hours from third-party policy reviews by isolating potential risk areas in policy evidence so you can focus on remediating the gaps.

policy evaluator
Add speed and precision to your third-party onboarding.

Let’s face it: Manual policy reviews consume excessive staff time and are subject to human inconsistency and error, especially when your team is backlogged. Consider the challenges:

  • The average organization has over 6,000 third parties, and the quantity of vendors increases by an estimated 15% yearly.
  • A single policy review takes an average of 20 human hours per vendor.
  • Most organizations assess 8-10% of their third parties, equating to 9,600-12,000 hours of policy review time each year.

In other words, you would need a team of 6-8 analysts who would do nothing more than read policy documents, let alone the time to act on the review findings. 

There must be a better way—and there is. ProcessUnity Policy Evaluator leverages AI to modernize the policy review process, reducing time spent from hours to seconds, establishing consistency across analyst reviews, and highlighting security gaps that need closer examination.

Move from inefficient policy reviews to strategic security outcomes.

  • Features & Benefits

Accelerate third-party review times and redirect staff resources.

AI-powered Policy Evaluator reviews vendor policies faster than is humanly possible. By leveraging technology, overloaded teams can focus on risk remediation instead of information inspection.

Implement consistency across policy reviews.

Establish uniformity and accuracy in policy reviews, ensuring critical information is not overlooked or interpreted differently by individual analysts.

Surface unseen risk in policy evidence faster and more accurately.

Policy Evaluator instantly scans third-party policies for relevance to NIST CSF, then provides a score indicating the potential risks by domain and provision.

Focus on your critical risks.

No more guessing; Policy Evaluator helps your team pinpoint the vendors you should examine further based on the security gaps in their policies.

Fast Facts
  • Leverage AI to conduct third-party security policy reviews, trained on thousands of gold-standard policies and verified by our security engineers.
  • Compare policies to NIST CSF risk domains and get scores on the domain and provision levels
  • Review policy scores alongside assessment responses for a streamlined view.
  • View aggregate score reports across all domains to prioritize low-scoring documents.

Never spend unnecessary time reading policy documents again!

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