Product and Service Offer Management

Centralize Product Definitions. Manage Client Profitability. Deliver Outstanding Service.

Organizations with complex service offerings rely on ProcessUnity’s cloud-based offer management system to centralize product information, proactively manage client profitability and implement controls to deliver outstanding customer service.

Key Benefits
reduce cost
and complexity

Consolidate systems
& reduce exceptions

Improve customer
satisfaction & retention

Deliver a consistent service experience

Reduce Service
Delivery Risk

Ensure offerings are effectively deployed and utilized across the service delivery lifecycle

Improve employee

Reduce reactive requests and improve collaboration

Generate maximum profit
from each client

Steer them towards preferred services

Improve Return
on Investment

Invest in the right set of product gaps to drive client adoption of preferred services

Product and Service Offer Management for product managers, sales managers, implementation managers, and relationship managers.

Centralize Product Info

ProcessUnity aligns product, sales and services teams with a single, definitive source of offer information.

Classify product and service features, functions and delivery methods:
  • Consolidate the spreadsheets, databases and systems used to store portions of catalog data
  • Capture previously undocumented products and services
  • Implement a change management process for new additions and ongoing updates
Identify best practices and preferred offerings:
  • Capture the degree of variation and the direct impact on cost, revenue and client satisfaction
  • Categorize each product using an organization’s own naming conventions and definitions
  • Report on service variations and cost metrics
  • Quickly highlight high-risk services
Identify, track and remediate critical gaps in a product line:
  • Compare product and service offerings against industry benchmarks to identify potential deficiencies
  • Document gaps and summarize them by service area
  • Track real-time progress in completing projects and closing critical gaps
Proactively Manage Client Profitability

At the heart of Vendor Cloud is the vendor service catalog, a central repository of vendor information, key documentation and related risks. Organizations can capture and maintain critical information for all of their third parties, including:

Maps Clients to the Actual Products and Services They Use
  • Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) and record-keeping platforms to synchronize client data
  • Analyze detailed client and plan level profiles
  • Identify clients with non-preferred services and/or product gaps
Analyze Client Health
  • Access dashboards and reports to quickly surface at-risk accounts and why each client requires attention
  • Review client health score indicators
  • Calculate both cost and revenue on a per-client basis
  • Track historical data on a per-client and per-attribute to view the progress of each account over time
Drive Positive Change in the Client Accounts
  • Quickly identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Benchmark similar clients against each other
  • Transition clients to preferred, highly valued services

ProcessUnity provides a governance and collaboration framework that ensures optimal service delivery across all clients.

  • Facilitate a process to request, manage and approve product and service exceptions
  • Develop, communicate and enforce product and service guardrails
  • Manage version control and full audit trails
  • Monitor exceptions through interactive dashboards and reports
  • Systematically eliminate underutilized and lower-margin offerings
  • Align sales and service teams and their goals
  • Streamline stakeholders’ day-to-day activities and reduce time spent responding to reactive requests
  • Communicate best practice data between functional areas
  • Create a common playbook so product, sales, implementation and relationship teams speak with a unified voice
  • Ensure faster, smoother client implementations, and deploy exactly what was sold to the client
  • Power the annual business planning process with critical plan data
  • Track performance against service-level agreements (SLAs) with clients to ensure plans are performing as expected
  • Respond faster to custom requests with greater accuracy and best-practice data to support recommendations

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