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Risk & Compliance Teams

At ProcessUnity, we understand the challenges faced by Risk and Compliance teams in today's fast-paced, regulatory-intensive business environment.

Our goal is to equip these teams with comprehensive solutions tailored to streamline processes, manage risks effectively and ensure regulatory compliance. We deliver robust, scalable and intuitive tools that empower organizations to navigate the complex landscape of risk and compliance with confidence and ease.

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Your TPRM Challenges

As a risk and compliance professional, you’re likely familiar with these key challenges related to third-party risk:

  • Keeping abreast of vendors’ compliance status: It may feel like a constant struggle to stay updated on how well each of your third parties adhere to your organization’s policies, guidelines and procedures. The dynamic nature of third-party relationships can make this even more complex.
  • Responding to audit requests: Providing auditors with clear evidence of third-party compliance may be a daunting task. The information required isn’t always readily available, making it a time-consuming endeavor to fulfill these requests.
  • Maintaining a centralized source of risk data: With the risk assessment process often being manual, third-party related risk data may be disseminated across various documents, making it challenging to create up-to-date reports.
  • Keeping pace with regulatory changes: Regulatory guidelines often change, turning your risk assessments into mere snapshots of a moment in time. Staying updated on these changes and how they affect your third parties is a challenge in itself.
  • Developing comprehensive risk mitigation plans: These plans need to take into account all your third parties, especially the critical ones. However, maintaining visibility of all third parties and their risk profiles may prove difficult.
  • Analyzing self-assessment responses: Sifting through these responses to discern relevant risk factors, especially in relation to specific frameworks, is no small task. It’s a time-consuming process that adds to your already full plate.

Given these prevalent challenges, the key to effective third-party risk management lies in adopting a systematic and streamlined approach that enables continuous monitoring, provides a centralized risk data source, and simplifies compliance with evolving regulatory guidelines.

How ProcessUnity Tackles Your TPRM Challenges

ProcessUnity is designed to address the issues you face as a risk and compliance professional. Our TPRM Platform assists you in navigating the complex world of third-party risk management. Here’s how:

  1. Real-time Vendor Compliance Monitoring: With ProcessUnity, you no longer have to engage in the constant struggle of tracking vendors’ adherence to your policies. Our platform offers real-time monitoring, giving you immediate insights into your vendors’ compliance status.
  2. Efficient Audit Response: ProcessUnity simplifies the audit response process by making the necessary information readily available. Our system streamlines the collation of audit evidence, turning a daunting task into a manageable one.
  3. Centralized Risk Data Source: Our solution eliminates the need for manual risk assessment processes. It provides a centralized platform that houses all third-party risk data, making it easier for you to generate up-to-date reports.
  4. Adapts to Regulatory Changes: With ProcessUnity, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with regulatory changes. Our platform is designed to adapt to these changes, ensuring your risk assessments remain relevant and up-to-date.
  5. Comprehensive Risk Mitigation Plans: ProcessUnity lets you develop robust risk mitigation plans. It provides a clear view of all your third parties and their risk profiles, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to risk mitigation.
  6. Self-Assessment Response Analysis: ProcessUnity efficiently sifts through self-assessment responses. It highlights relevant risk factors, saving you the time and effort of going through each response individually.

With ProcessUnity, tackling third-party risk management challenges becomes a more streamlined and efficient process. Trust in our expertise, and let us help you manage your risk landscape more effectively.

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