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Inherent Risk Scoring & Vendor Classification

One of the initial key steps in vendor onboarding is determining the level of inherent risk, as this determines the depth of due diligence the company must conduct on a vendor. Although all third-party vendors must be onboarded, they do not all merit equal attention. Vendors that provide essential services or hold sensitive data carry a high degree of inherent risk, and must be scrutinized as such.

Vendor Risk Management Inherent Risk Scoring

Inherent Risk Questionnaires

ProcessUnity VRM automates the vendor onboarding and due diligence process.

Vendor Risk Management Inherent Risk Questionnaire

Vendor Inherent Risk Scoring

Users can easily view inherent risk and residual risk ratings to begin due diligence.

Vendor Risk Management Inherent Risk Scoring

Score Inherent Risk and Determine Critical Vendors, Third Parties & Suppliers

Standardized Inherent Risk Questionnaires

ProcessUnity VRM has built-in simple, standardized questionnaires that helps to determine whether or not the vendor requires deeper due diligence, consisting of a set of internal yes/no questions in which affirmative answers add a pre-defined number of points to a risk score.

Automated Inherent Risk Intake Processes

An intelligent intake process acknowledges differences in thirdparty risk that merit different degrees of review, prioritizes the vendors who require further investigation and reduces costly and time-consuming analyst input. Intake automation also helps to streamline processes, ensuring that all vendor risk assessments occur at the required level.

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