ProcessUnity Customer Summit: Experts Advocate for Integration of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Risk Management

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September 2022

At the 2022 ProcessUnity Customer Summit, experts from a variety of industries and organizations convened to discuss the two biggest risks facing any organization: third-party and cybersecurity. As CEO Sean Cronin asserted in his presentation, “ProcessUnity: Partnering for the Future,” third-party and cybersecurity risk are intimately connected. Where third parties pose the biggest risk to cybersecurity, cybersecurity is itself the greatest third-party risk. That is why industry leaders from ProcessUnity’s Todd Boehler to Netskope’s James Christiansen took the stage to advocate for an integrated approach to these two risks—addressing either effectively means addressing both, together.

Attendees at the 2022 Customer Summit sat in on conversations between customers, partners, and experts from a variety of industries. Events included the following:

Masterclasses led by security and risk experts

At this year’s customer summit, a line-up of ProcessUnity product Masterclasses presented customers with step-by-step instructions for carrying out risk practices according to key industry standards. From establishing your control library within the metaframework to implementing data validation techniques, these sessions provided both introductory and advanced ProcessUnity users with strategies for establishing a program and developing it into maturity.

Highlights: “Establishing Your Internal Control Library Via a Metaframework,” “Validation Techniques for Ensuring Data Quality,” “Scoping Vendor Risk Assessments”

Case studies from ProcessUnity customers

The ProcessUnity Customer Summit prioritizes conversations between customers of all sizes across different industries. Customers from media organizations, financial institutions, retailers, and clinical research firms took the stage last week to describe the risks at the forefront of their fields and the strategies that have worked for them. These presentations promoted cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and sparking thoughtful solutions to shared challenges.

Highlights: “Automated Assessment Actions & Vendor Program Metrics,” “Creating and Executing Your Vision with ProcessUnity,” “Building a World-Class Cybersecurity Program”

Presentations and roundtables from ProcessUnity partners

The ProcessUnity platform is a robust tool—but it’s even more powerful with the expertise of our partner ecosystem. At this year’s Customer Summit, ProcessUnity customers heard from BitSight, Crowe, CastleHill, RapidRatings and Ecovadis about the tools, programs and services they offer to those seeking to expand the value of their security and risk management programs. ProcessUnity helps organizations manage third-party and cybersecurity risk, but with the help of our partners, customers can integrate cyber ratings, financial health scores and ESG scores to expand their risk intelligence.

Highlights: “The Road to Fourth-Party and Supply Chain Resilience,” “’Fast Track’ Onboarding Using External Data,” “Partner Roundtable: Current Trends in Third-Party Risk Management”

The return to an in-person summit this year meant a return to spontaneous conversations, chance connections, and collaborative approaches to shared challenges. This year did not just mark the biggest ProcessUnity Customer Summit yet: It served as a reminder that breakthroughs happen when experts connect.

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