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The ProcessUnity Platform

Powerful, Scalable Software to Unify Enterprise Risk Management Processes and Programs

Unifying risk management programs and processes both inside and outside your organization allows you to intercept threats before they happen –- and with significantly less time and resources. The ProcessUnity Platform connects risk reduction efforts across departments through a user-friendly interface and seamless data integration. Rapid deployment and unparalleled configurability enable you to quickly mature your program, simplifying how you generate results and gain organizational buy-in.

Purpose-Built Risk Management Platform Technology & Best Practices

A risk management platform should be more than just a single source of truth. You need genuine automation and painless configuration to put the future of your program fully in your control. ProcessUnity provides a feature-rich toolkit that clarifies and standardizes complex workflows with minimal effort on your part, so you can focus on mission-critical risks.

The ProcessUnity Platform

  • Key Capabilities
  • Deployment & Security
  • Data Management

No-Code Configuration

Easily add features and functionality without relying on service engagements. The ProcessUnity Platform is 100% configurable by the end user, meaning that you don't have to wait weeks for the changes you need to meet program demands.

Hands-Free Automation

Automate everything from assessment scoping to evidence collection with the click of a button. Hands-Free Automation runs critical workflows in the background, so that you can execute on impactful risk reduction.


Provide stakeholders with the data that matters to them in seconds. Reporting-as-a-Service rapidly generates meaningful, board-ready reports that demonstrate the value of your program.

Enterprise Integration

Seamlessly integrate with key enterprise systems or external content providers through a robust web services-based API.

Software-as-a-Service Applications

All ProcessUnity capabilities are delivered via the Internet as Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Our secure, hosted, web-based applications require no installation and are ready to use from day one.

User Account Management and Application Security

ProcessUnity provides role-based application security with optional team-based and ownership-based access restrictions. Tools for user account management emphasize user self-service whenever possible.

Business Data Management

ProcessUnity provides tools to organize, understand, access and exploit large collections of complex enterprise data. This includes capabilities to manage complex hierarchies and lists of business data entities, to establish relationships among data entities, and to manage data entities with defined lifecycles and multiple versions.

Documentation Management

ProcessUnity provides tools to manage and access documentation including document upload and attachment to individual data entities, maintenance of a central document repository, optional management of document lifecycles, as well as management of document requests from assessors or other outside agencies.

Testing and Verification

ProcessUnity provides functions to define test procedures, assign testing responsibility, schedule one-time or recurring tests and capture test results.


ProcessUnity provides the ability to initiate, assign and track remediation of problems found in testing.

Featured Risk Management Solutions

ProcessUnity Risk Management Platform

As cloud-based technology, the ProcessUnity Platform and its targeted risk management solutions deploy quickly with minimal effort from customers and their IT resources. Product enhancements are deployed frequently, immediately and automatically – without additional effort on the client side. The inherent efficiency of our platform delivers faster, better results and the ability to scale risk management programs over time. The ProcessUnity platform provides a rich set of functions to enable secure, web-based data management, individual and collaborative work, verification and remediation.

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