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Become a ProcessUnity Power User with Virtual & In-Person Training from our Experts

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Transform your team into ProcessUnity Platform experts through ProcessUnity Training programs.

Our goal is to enable our customers and partners to be as knowledgeable as ProcessUnity’s own product experts. Our courses turn your team into power users, capable of advancing your governance, risk and compliance programs in-house. From In-Person to Virtual Training, our catalog provides ample opportunities to deliver the targeted courseware your team requires.

The ProU Learning Center / Admin Academy Training Program

ProcessUnity’s online learning options are expanding into the virtual space via our Learning Center (a learning management system). Virtual training options aim to let you learn on your own, with the goal of mastering the ProcessUnity platform (suitable no matter what ProcessUnity solution you have). New and experienced administrators will sharpen their admin skill set by accessing pre-recorded learning content. Our virtual course offerings can help get teams up to speed or build on existing skills. Courses are made up of a predefined formal curriculum. Each self-paced course contains lessons, product demos, and quizzes to reinforce learning.

To request access to ProcessUnity’s Learning Center and the self-paced training, please submit the following request from:

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ProcessUnity Platform Certification

Available Now

The ProcessUnity Platform Certification program is designed for administrators that want a proof point of their depth and breadth of knowledge on the ProcessUnity platform. Experienced administrators and partners who have ample configuration experience will be able to prove their skills via a two-part certification exam.

  • Part 1: Certified ProcessUnity Platform Specialist (CPPS) — multiple-choice, 100 questions in 60 minutes (80% passing grade)
  • Part 2: Certified ProcessUnity Platform Expert (CPPE) — performance test, active configuration challenges, labs, contextual and interpretive questions (80% passing grade) – Coming Soon!

Get Certified!

The ProcessUnity Platform Certification program available (at no cost) for customer and partner administrators to demonstrate their depth and breadth of knowledge of the ProcessUnity platform. If you feel you have the skillset necessary to take the test, why not give it a try! As mentioned above, the exam is 100 questions with a 60-minute time limit. If you answer 80% of the questions correctly, you will join the distinguished alumni of certified professionals by obtaining a Certified ProcessUnity Platform Specialist (CPPS) title, and a personalized certificate will be issued to you accordingly
To get more information, download a study guide, and register for the exam please visit the ProcessUnity Platform Certification page and get started!

ProcessUnity Platform Certification

Private Training and Workshops

Virtual or In-Person (Our Offices or Yours)

ProcessUnity’s in-person classes can be delivered in a variety of formats and durations to meet the needs of customers and partners of all sizes.

  • Maybe you need a virtual 4-hour workshop on Expression Writing?
  • Maybe you prefer an onsite full-day refresher on building Notification Rules or Custom Buttons to bring your program to the next level?
  • Maybe you want a technical deep dive on Integration or Advanced workflow pulling in resources from your ProcessUnity admins and other internal groups?
  • Maybe you need a 2-day hands-on Administrator 101 session for your new application admins, and want to send them to our offices for uninterrupted enablement time?
  • Maybe you would like a complete platform deep dive over 3 or 4 days at your offices?

Allow ProcessUnity to suggest a program/agenda, and/or work with our training consultants to jointly build a custom curriculum to meet your needs. Organizations with larger teams can host training in their offices, at ProcessUnity’s offices, or at a facility convenient to its employees. Smaller organizations can send employees to ProcessUnity’s public training classes, scheduled throughout the year based on demand. Each attendee will be given a personal training instance (environment) for completing labs and challenges, good for another 30 days after the training ends! Training costs vary based on the location and size of the class.

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