ProcessUnity Partners

ProcessUnity partners are an extension of our team, playing a key role in our development and growth. Our partners represent a diverse range of solutions and services. We have aligned with leading technology companies, service providers and consulting organizations with specific domain expertise and experience. Together, we deliver risk and offer management solutions that help our customers achieve outstanding performance and unparalleled control.

ProcessUnity partners include:



Arachnys uses human expertise and cutting edge technology to monitor and retrieve critical business information. The platform allows due diligence professionals to process AML, KYC and other compliance checks in seconds while opening up emerging market data for research which would previously have taken days or even weeks to compile and review. Arachnys covers global and local news sources, corporate registries, government information, court documents and global sanctions lists. All Arachnys data and information is curated constantly by risk and language experts to ensure reliability. Advanced workflow tools allow users to understand and review information quickly and easily while creating an audit trail of their work. Ongoing monitoring also allows users to keep up to date on the available data related to specific research projects while flagging changes or new information. Learn more at


Argos Risk Logo

Argos Risk Online (ARO) is the first online service to deliver an actionable, easy to understand solution that not only evaluates the credit and financial health of businesses, but also provides continuous monitoring and credit alerts. Argos Risk’s proprietary methodology, Argonomics, applies powerful algorithms, based on multiple risk factors, producing scores that enable clients the ability to evaluate the overall financial health of their business relationships. This data is updated daily, alerting clients whenever there is a significant change or concern associated with any of their vendors. These daily alerts and updates are a critical competitive advantage, as the financial health of a business can change overnight. Learn more at


CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions

CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions is dedicated to providing managed services in the areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance (eGRC) to companies in highly regulated industries. We are a team of process and technology experts that leverage an industry-leading platform to deliver efficient and effective results for our clients. Our goal is simple, provide a managed service that removes as much of the administrative burden associated with the management of a client’s eGRC environment as possible. Clients that utilize the service are freed from the management of systems and the administration of assessments, allowing them to focus their limited resources on the actual risk and not the process of gathering information…all at a price point that is often less than software alone. Learn more at the CastleHill Risk web site.


Mercury Network

Mercury Network is the software platform used by more than 700 lenders and AMCs to manage their collateral valuation workflow.  The company’s solutions include Mercury Network for appraisal vendor management, Enterprise Vendor Framework (EVF) for lender management of AMCs, AQM for quality assurance and quality control compliance, and SureReceipts for compliant eDisclosures to the borrower. For more information about the company, visit


Salesforce Partner Program

ProcessUnity for Salesforce is an application that simplifies data exchange between ProcessUnity’s Risk Suite and Offer Management solutions and Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, ProcessUnity for Salesforce allows organizations to make risk management and compliance data as well as key product and service information available to sales and client service teams in their familiar Salesforce interface. Learn more about ProcessUnity for Salesforce.


Shared Assessments

Process Unity is a Software Licensee Partner and Member of The Shared Assessments Program. Shared Assessments, the trusted source in third party risk assurance, is a member-driven, industry-standard body with tools and best practices, that injects speed, consistency, efficiency and cost savings into the control assessment process. Shared Assessments members include international organizations of all sizes that understand the importance of working collaboratively to develop comprehensive standards for managing risks. As a Software Licensee Partner, Process Unity incorporates Shared Assessments’ industry-standard Program Tools into our offerings. To learn more about Shared Assessments visit


Become a ProcessUnity Partner

With the ProcessUnity Partner Program, your organization benefits from a world-class, cloud-based platform with purpose-built applications for governance, risk and compliance, and product and service offer management. Please contact us to learn more about our alliance, OEM, reseller and technology partnerships.