Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cybersecurity Controls Management 

Cybersecurity controls are your first line of defense against cyber risks. ProcessUnity for ProcessUnity for Cybersecurity Risk Management automates effective cybersecurity controls management, maintaining a control library that mitigates risk while covering relevant regulations, standards and security frameworks. With ProcessUnity, you reduce fragmentation between your requirements, allowing you to focus on continuously improving controls for compliance and risk mitigation.

Cybersecurity Controls Management

With ProcessUnity for Cybersecurity Risk Management, you can: 

  • Build a full-coverage control library mapped to your frameworks, risks, policies and procedures 
  • Automate control assessments on your pre-defined schedule  
  • Make seamless updates across your controls, policies and procedures 
  • Baseline and improve control effectiveness and maturity
  • Track control coverage across program requirements 

Map Your Control Library to Policies, Proceduresand Risks 

If your cybersecurity control library is efficient across your requirements, your program will be too. ProcessUnity helps identify overlap between your existing policies and procedures, reducing duplication in your control structure. The platform leverages an intelligent reference control selector to build your control library across all relevant frameworks, regulations and standards, including NIST CSF, ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Controls map to risks for greater visibility into the factors mitigating your risks. 

Keep Controls Up to Date 

As regulations and standards evolve, your controls need updating to stay effective. ProcessUnity simplifies control updates, making seamless updates across all applicable controls as needed. With the click of a button, you eliminate the control fragmentation that often occurs with changes while keeping controls updated to the highest standards. 

Automate Control Assessments 

Understanding your control effectiveness and maturity provides clarity into your security gaps. ProcessUnity automates control assessments, allowing you to collect evidence and assign control effectiveness and maturity ratings. The platform ensures evidence collection with automated requests and escalation reminders. Owners can attach evidence directly to a request then the system stores evidence in a central database. You prioritize remediation and communicate action plans to the relevant owners, driving continuous improvements in your control effectiveness.  

Optimize Mitigating Controls 

Weak controls need fast, targeted action plans to improve them. ProcessUnity prioritizes control remediation by providing a drilldown view of control effectiveness by domain. Remediation activities can be created directly from a control review, ensuring control gaps are quickly addressed. Control improvements are tracked against targets, showing improvement from the baseline. 

Monitor Control Effectiveness 

Improving control effectiveness is the key to improving security. ProcessUnity offers drilldown dashboards and reports, clarifying your control effectiveness across risks and compliance. Configurable report creation allows you to enhance stakeholder visibility with reports tailored to specific concerns.  

Hundreds of organizations worldwide rely on ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Risk Management to implement a centralized system of record for managing cybersecurity activities across the organization. Contact us to start your journey today!

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