A Roadmap for Implementing Product and Service Offer Management [Printable Guide]

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July 2015

“Benefit plan providers are turning to Offer Management initiatives and systems to reduce risk, cost and complexity in the service delivery lifecycle.” – Lisa Weil, Vice President of Industry Solutions at ProcessUnity

Are you ready to get your firm started on the Offer Management journey – or looking for ways to take your program to the next level? If so, download our printable guide: The Road Map to Implementing Product and Service Management.

Our new infographic highlights a plan provider’s path from basic to best-in-class capabilities tracking your firm’s Offer Management maturity in three primary categories: sales effectiveness, service delivery and customer satisfaction.

No matter where your firm lies on the road to Offer Management, this infographic outlines a path for improvement:

  • Basic Providers: Create a common playbook of industry benchmarks and best practices that help sales teams strategically position products and services against prospect requirements.
  • Efficient Providers: Integrate Offer Management into your broader infrastructure, leveraging product usage metrics to reduce costly service exceptions and transition clients to best practices.
  • Best-in-Class Providers: You are already an innovator who systematically determines the best client fit early; now expand these efforts to reduce the overgrowth of unnecessary customization and steer clients towards highly valued, profitable services.

With Offer Management, organizations are centralizing their product information, proactively managing client profitability and implementing controls to deliver outstanding customer service.

You can expand your understanding of Offer Management, plus improve your firm’s access to information, ability to collaborate, and governance procedures to measurably change your customer satisfaction and retention rates while boosting profitability.

To learn more about how to optimize your product and service offer management, download our whitepaper, Achieving Service Delivery Excellence, today.


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