CyberGRX Named Winner In 11th Annual CDM Global InfoSec Awards

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April 2023

April 24, 2023: Cyber Defense Magazine announced today that CyberGRX won a 2023 Global InfoSec Award. CyberGRX was named Hot Company in the Third-Party Cyber Risk Management (TPCRM) category and Editor’s Choice for the Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) category. This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s 11th year honoring the most innovative and valuable cyber defense companies from around the globe, with winners being announced at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco.

As organizations add more vendors, partners, and suppliers, it expands their threat landscape. As a result, organizations need tools to better visualize and manage third-party cyber risk and access timely insights on the emerging threats and control gaps most critical to the business.

This is where CyberGRX excels. CyberGRX is the world’s first and largest third-party risk Exchange, with over 250,000 companies and over 13,000 completed assessments. CyberGRX provides both customers and third parties with innovative third-party risk management tools that deliver timely cyber risk intelligence. These tools include: 

  • Framework Mapper: Allows third parties to replace redundant assessments by mapping the assessment back to relevant industry frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, NIST 800/CS, HIPAA, etc. 
  • Threat Profiles: Provides visibility into the coverage of controls that are commonly exploited in cyberattacks. CyberGRX has compiled threat profiles on both common and recent attacks—such as REvil Ransomware, Log4Shell, Magecart, and others—to provide visibility into the tactics needed to detect, prevent and mitigate relevant cyber threats. 
  • Attack Scenario Analytics: Mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, Attack Scenario Analytics provides additional context to risk findings so that enterprise customers and third parties can make faster, better-informed decisions regarding risk remediations. 
  • Predictive Risk Profile: Through predictive risk intelligence capabilities, CyberGRX anticipates how individual third parties within a company’s vendor ecosystem will respond to a detailed security assessment questionnaire with an accuracy rate nearing 91%. Customers can use the Predictive Risk Profile to understand how individual vendors impact their cyber risk as well as understand how they are viewed as a third party by their own customers. 
  • Portfolio Risk Findings: Provides customers with a detailed report on their riskiest vendors and specific unmet gapped controls. CyberGRX data can be measured against control coverage with a selected framework—whether industry standard or custom—or threat profile of their choosing to return a score between 1% and 100%. This score helps customers identify where third parties fall on the risk spectrum, from high to low risk. 

CyberGRX also prioritizes collaboration with other industry leaders to provide a holistic third-party risk management platform, forming key partnerships with RiskRecon, Recorded Future, ServiceNow, and others. To learn more, book time with our sales team now.

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