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ProcessUnity’s leadership team is committed to operating with the utmost integrity in building and leading an organization dedicated to the success of all its stakeholders. ProcessUnity is proud to have leaders who are industry risk and compliance experts with proven experience developing and delivering world-class solutions to customers.

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ProcessUnity Leadership Team

Sean Cronin

Chief Executive Officer

Fred Kneip


Paul Deeley

Chief Financial Officer

Derek Borgert

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Boehler

SVP Strategy

Kerry Nagle

SVP Operations

Ed Thomas

SVP Marketing & Sales Operations

Marty Clough

VP Sales

Eric Kemp

VP InfoSec & Architecture

Constantine Malaxos

VP Global Partners & Alliances

Mike Chatzopoulos

VP Cloud Security

Sandeep Bhide

VP Product Management

Bryan Burnhart

VP North America Strategic Sales

Rich Gottesman

VP Partner Success

ProcessUnity Board of Directors

Mike Klayko

Chairman of the Board

Sean Cronin


Peter Chung

Marlin Equity Partners

Hemal Patel

Marlin Equity Partners

George Doran

Marlin Equity Partners

Kevin Bhatt

Long Ridge Equity Partners

Jason Melton

Long Ridge Equity Partners

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