Introducing Enhanced Portfolio Management Features

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August 2021

We know that successful third-party cyber risk management requires a collaborative, comprehensive approach.

With three new upcoming feature enhancements, both CyberGRX customers and third parties engaged in our Exchange experience increased visibility into assessment progress as well as enhanced portfolio management functionality. Specific features include an enhanced portfolio manager table, third-party invite link generator​, and new Action Required table and alerts in the CyberGRX platform.​

Benefits at a glance:

  • Includes improved assessment progress tracking and visibility, enhanced functionality, and tools for executing best practices that align with the customer playbook
  • Provides enhanced portfolio management functionality, improving interaction with the platform and operational efficiency​
  • Improves expectation management for both customers and third parties ​
  • Increases interconnectivity and collaboration between customers and third parties
  • Enhances a third-party’s ability to participate in the Exchange, providing a better, more collaborative user experience​

Enhanced Portfolio Manager Table​

This upcoming feature allows customers to add third parties to their portfolio, order assessments, track assessment progress, manage vendor relationships, and access at-a-glance metadata about their portfolio in one table.​

The updated table delivers enhanced usability, increased visibility to third-party details and assessment status, and ensures consistent and accurate delivery of data.

New Action Required tab alerts​

A new tab entitled Action Required alerts customers when an ordered or in-flight assessment is at risk of not being delivered in a timely manner.​ Stay tuned for notification when this is live in the product!

These standardized and automated alerts bring enhanced visibility to assessment progress and empowers users to act at pivotal points in the assessment lifecycle to drive progress and deliver value in a timely manner.​

Third-Party Invite Link Generator​

The new Third-Party Invite Link Generator provides customers with a copy-able registration link on the Vendor Profile page that they can use to resend their third parties invitations to complete a CyberGRX assessment when needed. ​

This is a new, in-platform feature that enhances an existing Claim Company user flow and helps customers drive successful third-party engagement in case the automated claim company email is not received or is sent to an incorrect third-party contact. This enhancement also allows customers to invite third parties from their own email domain.​

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