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Unify Third-Party Risk Data for a Complete View of Your External Risk

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Unifying all Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) data is crucial for businesses striving for seamless operations and effective risk mitigation. This consolidation enables organizations to have a holistic and comprehensive view of their risk landscape. It aids in reducing redundancies, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting decision-making processes. Moreover, a unified data core eliminates information silos, fostering improved communication and collaboration across departments. It paves the way for predictive risk analysis, enabling proactive risk management and ensuring regulatory compliance. ProcessUnity assists enterprises in constructing a robust Universal Data Core for third-party risk. Through our innovative platform and technologies, we address the complexities tied to Third-Party Risk Management by centralizing all the data to further streamlining TPRM processes and extend your coverage to more vendors.

Benefits Summary

  • Unify Risk Data: Consolidate all TPRM data into a single system and gain a comprehensive view of your risk landscape, aiding in effective risk mitigation.
  • Improve Communication: Eliminate information silos to promote better collaboration and communication across various departments and stakeholders.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: With a consolidated view of risks, organizations can ensure their operations are compliant with regulatory standards.

Third-Party Risk Management is a Data Problem

Third-Party Risk Management, by nature, involves dealing with vast amounts of data. Managing these data sets, derived from multiple sources, can be a daunting task. ProcessUnity simplifies this process by providing a unified platform where all data related to third-party risk can be stored, analyzed and managed efficiently in a single system of record. Via our Global Risk Exchange; our ability to incorporate vendor ratings and scores into key workflows; our pre-built data connectors; and our integrations to enterprise systems, ProcessUnity builds your single version of the truth and puts key data and real-time insights at your teams’ fingertips.

Global Risk Exchange

The Global Risk Exchange is a key component of ProcessUnity’s end-to-end TPRM solution. It is a knowledge hub that allows organizations to exchange third-party risk data and completed assessments, thus facilitating a global risk community that significantly accelerates assessment processes. The Global Risk Exchange enables enterprises to benchmark their risk performance against industry standards, gain insights into emerging risk trends and enhance their risk management strategies.

Vendor Intelligence Suite

The ProcessUnity Vendor Intelligence Suite is an innovative solution that integrates third-party ratings and scores from trusted external sources across multiple risk domains, providing a multi-dimensional view of each vendor’s risk profile. The Vendor Intelligence Suite helps confirm vendor assessment submissions and keeps an eye on third parties in between periodic assessments.

Pre-Built Connectors

Pre-built connectors play a critical role in successful Third-Party Risk Management data integration. In the ProcessUnity TPRM platform, connectors serve as bridges to link the platform with other data sources, applications and databases that the enterprise uses. These connectors enable businesses to import and manage data from various sources seamlessly. They automate data transfer, eliminating manual data entry and thereby reducing the risk of human error. This integration enhances data accuracy, leading to more reliable risk assessments. Furthermore, connectors facilitate real-time data updates, ensuring that your risk analysis is based on the most current information.

Advanced Enterprise Integrations

The ProcessUnity TPRM Platform takes enterprise integrations a step further, linking seamlessly with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure and systems. This connectivity ensures that the TPRM platform operates as an integral part of the organization’s overall risk management framework. The platform is capable of integrating with a variety of systems including ERP, CRM, and procurement systems, allowing for cross-functional data exchange and analysis. Not only does this ensure a holistic view of third-party risks, but it also aids in identifying potential risk correlations and interdependencies across different business functions. This seamless integration fosters a cohesive, enterprise-wide approach to third-party risk management, enhancing an organization’s ability to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate third-party risks effectively and efficiently.

End-to-End Third-Party Risk Management

The Universal Data core is a critical component of ProcessUnity’s comprehensive approach to Third-Party Risk Management. When combined with our powerful TPRM platform, Global Risk Exchange and AI-powered teams, it creates a potent, end-to-end solution that transforms the way businesses handle third-party risk.

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