ISACA Summit Replay: Cybersecurity is an Elite Sport

ISACA Summit Replay ProcessUnity

Throughout your company, people are managing silos of cyber risk to your business. You need to know if your organization as a whole has the right controls in place to manage cybersecurity threats across applications, systems, facilities and third parties. Establishing an operational plan (and fostering teamwork) will arm you with the visibility you need to have a strong cyber strategy and reduce your risk exposure.

Watch a replay of a panel discussion from ProcessUnity, Crowe and BitSight as they share insights on how to position your team for success. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build Teamwork: Identify, inventory, and manage your high-value assets, systems, third parties and facilities across the organization.
  • Create a Game Plan:  Create a strong assessment calendar and maintain a single schedule for cyber reviews, assessments, remediation and training validation.
  • Pass the Ball: Build company alignment and communication by connecting with each department and sharing how they influence the company’s cyber goals as a team.
  • Know the Rules of the Game: Stay on top of the latest regulations (PCI, PII, GDPR, NYDFS) and standards (ITIL, Cobit, NIST) by incorporating the right control frameworks.
  • Study Your Opponent: Analyze, predict and prepare for emerging cybersecurity trends and challenges.
  • Know the Score & Celebrate the Wins: Gain actionable insights by reviewing dashboards and reports and communicating relevant metrics to the greater team.

Click here to access an on-demand replay of the panel discussion.