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Global Risk Exchange

The World's Largest Library of Validated Third-Party Risk Assessments

The Global Risk Exchange (formerly CyberGRX) is an innovative platform designed to transform the way organizations manage third-party risk. It houses the world’s most extensive collection of third-party risk assessments, providing its users with streamlined, standardized and comprehensive views of their risk landscape.

Benefits Summary

  • Reduce Assessment Work: Ingest attested and validated assessments to drastically reduce the time and effort involved in conducting risk assessments.
  • Assess Hard-to-Assess Vendors: Our vast library of risk assessments includes those for vendors that may be challenging to assess independently.
  • Monitor More of Your Vendor Ecosystem: Predictive risk profiles keep tabs on third parties your team doesn’t have time to assess.

Significantly Reduce Vendor Assessment Work

With a repository of over 15,000 attested risk assessments, validated by our strategic audit partners, the Global Risk Exchange is a significant breakthrough in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM). The library includes assessments of large, hard-to-assess third parties that typically don’t respond to assessment requests. This vast array of evaluations not only accelerates the TPRM process but also enhances its efficacy. By providing detailed insights into third-party risks, it eliminates the time-consuming and complex task of having to individually assess each third party. Consequently, organizations can swiftly identify and address potential risks, accelerating their TPRM efforts while maintaining a robust defense against cyber threats.

Validated third parties in the Global Risk Exchange include:

  • 4 of the top 5 cloud providers
  • 12 of the top 20 law firms
  • 4 of the top 5 private equity firms
  •  The top 4 accounting firms

Monitor Your Entire Third-Party Ecosystem

The Global Risk Exchange further extends your team’s capabilities with predictive risk profiles of more than 250,000 global third parties. These profiles, built using intelligent algorithms, enable users to foretell potential vulnerabilities and risks, thereby facilitating proactive mitigation strategies. This expansive coverage essentially means you have a vast virtual team relentlessly monitoring your entire vendor ecosystem. It eliminates the traditional challenges associated with managing a large number of third-party relationships, optimizing your team’s efficiency, and providing a broader, more in-depth understanding of your organization’s risk landscape.

End-to-End Third-Party Risk Management

The Global Risk Exchange is a critical component of ProcessUnity’s comprehensive approach to Third-Party Risk Management. When combined with our powerful TPRM platform, the Universal Data Core, and AI-powered teams, it creates a potent, end-to-end solution that transforms the way businesses handle third-party risk.

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The Global Risk Exchange (formerly CyberGRX) is an innovative platform designed to transform the way organizations manage third-party risk. Schedule your personalized demo of our award-winning software and start your journey today!

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