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Automated Inherent Risk

Artificial intelligence is not just about automating tasks; it’s about elevating human performance. When applied to Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), AI empowers teams with more reach, more consistency and the insights needed to identify and mitigate potential risks efficiently. ProcessUnity’s suite of AI tools — Automated Inherent Risk, Predictive Risk Profiles and Policy Evaluator — ensure uniformity in risk assessments, reducing potential oversights and discrepancies. Ultimately, this allows organizations to extend their risk management efforts, covering a broader spectrum of third-party relationships and fortifying their defense against potential threats.

Benefits Summary

  • Streamline Risk Identification: Automatically assess and categorize potential risks based on their inherent characteristics.
  • Monitor More Third Parties: Identify and mitigate potential threats earlier, reducing the likelihood of serious disruptions or damages.
  • Reduce Policy Review Time: Virtually eliminate the time it takes to review the volumes of policies associated with vendor assessments while ensuring review consistency.

Automated Inherent Risk

Automated Inherent Risk intuitively identifies potential risks associated with third parties. The groundbreaking technology leverages AI to extrapolate data points, providing a comprehensive risk profile that allows teams to focus their efforts where it matters most.

With our Automated Inherent Risk tool, organizations can prioritize their third-party engagements based on the likelihood and impact of potential risks. The system enables teams to tier third parties according to their risk profile, facilitating targeted and efficient risk management. High-risk third parties can be scrutinized more closely, ensuring that potential threats do not go unnoticed. Meanwhile, lower-risk third parties can be managed with appropriate resources, optimizing the organization’s overall risk management strategy. This approach aids in the prudent allocation of resources and strengthens the organization’s risk posture.


  • Identify potential risks quickly and efficiently.
  • Prioritize time and resources by focusing on high-risk areas.
  • Make informed decisions backed by comprehensive data.

Predictive Risk Profiles

Predictive Risk Profiles uses advanced AI algorithms to forecast how third parties would respond to a cybersecurity assessment questionnaire, providing your team with foresight necessary to proactively manage potential threats before they become significant issues.

Predictive Risk Profiles extend your team’s capacity to assess lower-risk third parties, even when resources are constrained. It efficiently identifies and anticipates potential threats associated with third parties, regardless of their risk tier. By leveraging AI, the tool can proactively suggest preventive measures for identified potential risks, effectively reducing the time and resources typically required for risk management. This ability to extend the reach of your team without extending resources and assures that all third parties, regardless of their risk level, are adequately assessed and managed.


  • Anticipate and mitigate potential risks before they escalate.
  • Generate a foresight-driven strategy for risk management.
  • Stay ahead of potential threats and gain a competitive edge.

Policy Evaluator

ProcessUnity Policy Evaluator uses AI to streamline and optimize TPRM policy review processes. It delivers precise evaluations, thereby reducing manual workload and significantly increasing efficiency.

In today’s intricate business environment, organizations are often burdened with an overwhelming volume of policies. The task of reviewing these policies can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Policy Evaluator addresses this challenge by drastically reducing review time to mere seconds, harnessing the power of natural language processing and machine learning. It automates the review process while ensuring consistency and accuracy across all policy reviews. This significant time reduction allows teams to increase their bandwidth, enabling them to cover more third parties and solidifying their risk management strategy. Policy Evaluator not only optimizes operational efficiency but also strengthens the organization’s overall risk stance.


  • Enhance efficiency with AI-powered policy evaluations.
  • Reduce manual workload and minimize errors.
  • Ensure consistent and compliant policy implementation.

Trust in the power of AI to augment your third-party risk management strategy and elevate your team’s performance. Our suite of technologies is designed to provide your team with the insights necessary to navigate the complexities of risk in today’s interconnected business landscape.

End-to-End Third-Party Risk Management

AI-Powered Teams are a critical component of ProcessUnity’s comprehensive approach to Third-Party Risk Management. When combined with our powerful TPRM platform, the Universal Data Core and Global Risk Exchange, it creates a potent, end-to-end solution that transforms the way businesses handle third-party risk.

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