German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

ProcessUnity for the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) simplifies compliance responsibilities with a streamlined, universal source of truth to evaluate vendors and establish robust automated due diligence.

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Automate German Supply Chain Act Compliance  

Lieferkettensorgfalts­pflichtengesetz, aka the German Supply Chain Act or LkSG, requires organizations to establish due diligence procedures to identify and prevent human rights violations and environmental harm throughout their supply chains. This includes implementing risk assessments, centralizing supplier information and monitoring compliance activities. In the terms of LkSG, this means aligning with due diligence obligations that take a threefold approach of avoidance, prevention and remediation. 

ProcessUnity simplifies German Supply Chain Act compliance by automating due diligence procedures, streamlining risk assessments and centralizing supplier information. Our solution encompasses: 

  • Automated Workflows

Automate key compliance processes including risk assessments and compliance tracking, saving you time and resources while ensuring consistent and efficient compliance efforts across the entire supply chain.

  • Reporting and Analytics 

Real-time reporting and analytics enable organizations to identify areas for improvement and monitor compliance efforts over time. By providing key insights into compliance efforts, organizations can take proactive steps to improve their processes and mitigate potential risks before they become issues. 

  • Geopolitical Event Tracking

Track global events and their impact on your supplier risk evaluations.  Automatically recalculate supplier abstract risk scores and provide review/remediation workflows and event reporting.

  • Centralized Supplier Information 

Centralize all supplier information, providing a single source of truth for supplier data to simplify the management of large supplier networks. By consolidating all supplier information, organizations can easily monitor supplier compliance and identify potential areas of risk.

Key Benefits:

  • Establish due diligence procedures across your supply chain 
  • Streamline risk assessments and compliance tracking 
  • Centralize supplier information for a complete view of vendor risk 
  • Mitigate reputational harm and protect your company’s brand image 
  • Score supplier-level preventative measures across six pillars 
  • Maintain an extendable risk library for LkSG  
  • Automate supplier abstract risk scoring 
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of German Supply Chain Act compliance 

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