CyberGRX Partners with Recorded Future to Incorporate Third-Party Intelligence Into CyberGRX Risk Profiles

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April 2021

We’re excited to announce we’ve formed a strategic partnership with Recorded Future, the world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security. Through this partnership, Recorded Future’s third-party risk scoring and contextual risk rules will now be integrated into our Exchange platform, enabling our users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of each of their third party’s security posture in real time.

We’ve worked hard to evolve our platform to meet the increasing criticality and complexity of the third-party cyber risk landscape and the recent partnership with Recorded Future illustrates our commitment to challenging traditional and siloed approaches. With the addition of Recorded Future’s third-party risk scoring and contextual risk rules, CyberGRX users can now glean even more insights from their third-party profiles that already include inherent risk, security ratings and validated assessment data by incorporating a new risk score using intelligence collected daily from over one million sources across the open web, dark web, and technical sources. The end result is a comprehensive third-party risk profile that arms our customers and third-party users with actionable, real-time, risk-reducing insights. 

“In today’s landscape, maintaining constant risk awareness is critical to managing the supply chain ecosystem, especially given how inevitable data breaches are,” said Fred Kneip, CEO of CyberGRX. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Recorded Future, whose security intelligence will advance our development of the industry’s first third-party cyber risk profiles for users. This data will be made available to both third parties, and customers of those third parties, allowing each of them to better understand their vendor risk profiles as well as provide better visibility of their attack surface.”

“Comprehensive security intelligence empowers teams to understand, analyze, and take action against potential risks by monitoring for key indicators, including data leakage, incident reports, domain abuse, email security, vulnerable infrastructure, web application security, dark web attention and breach intelligence,” said John Searby, Vice President, Channels & Alliances at Recorded Future. “We are excited to partner with CyberGRX and integrate our third-party intelligence into their data-enriched Exchange platform.”

We’re on a mission to map the cybersecurity reputations of every third party and provide a 360-degree view of an organization’s security posture. The CyberGRX Risk Exchange is populated with validated cyber risk data from tens of thousands of companies, creating an insight rich data set that their users rely on to prioritize their cyber risks and build effective, risk-reducing programs — and their growing ecosystems. By partnering with organizations like RiskRecon and now Recorded Future, we’ve become the only vendor risk management (VRM) solution that provides organizations with complete and continuous monitoring of third-party cyber risk data and information in real time.


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