It’s a Wrap: Four Takeaways from the 2019 ProcessUnity Customer Summit

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May 2019

The 2019 ProcessUnity Customer Summit is a wrap and what a week it was. We took the 2019 edition of the conference on the road to sunny (and hot) Orlando for three days and nearly 30 technical and best-practice sessions in front of our biggest audience to date. Overall, it was a tremendous three days – from bootcamp training on day one, to some great panel discussions and case studies, partner participation and demos, tips and tricks related to the ProcessUnity platform.

As we close the book on this year’s event, here are four things that really stood out during our time in Florida:

1. We Have a Great Community

It started to happen during the morning break on Day Two of the Summit: Customers huddled together with their laptops open, and they walked each other through their ProcessUnity implementations. Frequently, a member of the ProcessUnity Customer Success team would join the discussion, taking note of customers’ best practices and ideas for future platform capabilities. Customers were getting ideas and direction from other customers, and building relationships in the process. It was great to see the interaction onsite — and judging by the number of LinkedIn invites we received in the hours after the Summit, it looks like that interaction will only continue. It’s really exciting to see the ProcessUnity community expand in real-time.

2. Our Ecosystem Continues to Expand

It amazing how much the ProcessUnity ecosystem has grown since our previous Summit 18 months ago. We’re working with more content providers around Third-Party Risk Management, incorporating financial health scores, cybersecurity ratings, and watchlist screening for more comprehensive vendor analysis. On the services side, there are more partners offering managed-service programs based on our platform and companies are providing consulting and implementation services as well. Plus, we’re integrating into more enterprise systems and technologies than ever before, including ERP, CRM, procurement, and even other risk and compliance platforms.

3. The Platform is Being Used in Ways We Never Imagined

We were fortunate to have several ProcessUnity customers tell their stories live on stage at this year’s Summit. As you would expect, customer case studies are typically the highest-rated and most well-attended sessions at the conference. The community gets an opportunity to learn best practices from their peers and hopefully avoid some of the missteps that can happen.

What’s really interesting is how customers are taking advantage of the platform’s configurability to solve business challenges. It could be as simple as adding a button to a screen to build an approval process or as large as building a custom solution to a problem that’s completely company specific. ProcessUnity continues to provide building blocks in each new platform release and our customer admins keep finding new and innovative ways to incorporate them in their implementations.

4. There’s a Lot More Coming from ProcessUnity

The ProcessUnity Customer Summit is a great time to communicate what’s coming next from our product and engineering teams. Turns out, there’s a lot coming – in 2019 and beyond. Our product management team gave the audience a preview of our Summer 2019 Platform Release and showed many of the 55 new features and enhancements coming in June. We also unveiled plans for enhanced contract management capabilities, support for the sourcing/RFx process, and a new module for Cybersecurity Program Management. As our team scales, we’re introducing even more. Stay tuned on new updates and additions to the ProcessUnity platform in 2019.

It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet newer customers at this year’s conference. We look forward to continuing the conversations in the coming weeks and months.

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