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ProcessUnity Platform Certification

The ProcessUnity Platform Certification program is designed for administrators that want to prove their expertise on the ProcessUnity platform.

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Certification Levels

There are two certification levels:

  • Certified ProcessUnity Platform Specialist
    Now Accepting Registrations
  • Certified ProcessUnity Platform Expert
    In Development / To Be Announced

Your certification test is offered at no cost. Certification is valid for 24 months. A recertification program will enable you to continue to demonstrate your ProcessUnity platform knowledge.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Download the Certification Study Guide to review the exam format, evaluate your exam readiness, review the topics covered, explore example questions, and learn how to best prepare. Once you’re ready, simply register for the exam and you will receive further instructions.

Click here to download the ProcessUnity Certification Study Guide

Click here to register for ProcessUnity Platform Certification

Why Become ProcessUnity Platform Certified?
  • Drive recognized business results
    ProcessUnity Platform Certification will prove your proficiency in the software to your clients, business or key stakeholders and will help you drive faster and smarter implementation and build a program that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Work smarter, not harder
    Make your software work harder for you. Save valuable time and resources for yourself and your customer with increased product knowledge that allows you to bring new projects to conclusion faster, solve problems on the fly, and quickly execute smart, effective business solutions.
  • Deliver confidence
    ProcessUnity product certification gives customers and future employers confidence in your specialized skill set and prepares you to take advantage of every new opportunity. Develop a skill set that provides you with the flexibility to meet new challenges and scale each implementation to your client’s current and future needs.
How it Works: Certified ProcessUnity Platform Specialist

ProcessUnity certification is open to all customers and partners. Your status will be validated at registration, then you’ll receive access to testing requirement and format. If you answer 80 percent of the questions correctly, you will receive the ProcessUnity Specialist certification. A certificate will be issued following successful execution.

Who Should Take the ProcessUnity Platform Specialist Certification Exam?

The ProcessUnity Specialist credential is designed for those who have experience with ProcessUnity and continuously look for ways to assist their companies in getting even more from additional features and capabilities. Through this test you will demonstrate mastery of platform design, configuration and implementation.