Vendor Intelligence Suite

ProcessUnity-Interos Connector

Score third parties across six critical risk domains to assess, monitor, and mitigate risk within a single platform.

Enhance your cyber resilience.

Respond faster to changes in risk posture and quickly identify risk trends in your third-party ecosystem throughout the lifecycle. The ProcessUnity-Interos Connector allows you to score third parties across six critical risk domains: Cyber, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Financial, Catastrophic, Geopolitical, and Restrictions, to confirm assessment responses and monitor risk score changes between assessment periods.

Part virtual assistant, part virtual watchdog, the Interos Connector tirelessly monitors your third-party ecosystem, helping to validate evidence and empowering you to take action swiftly.

Gain a real-time view of your risk data and enable proactive decision-making.

  • Features & Benefits

Streamline due diligence.

Confirm third-party response accuracy pre-contract and track changes post-contract. A consolidated risk data repository gives you a comprehensive view of your organization’s risk exposure throughout the third-party lifecycle.

Understand risk trends and proactively mitigate critical risks.

View real-time risk scoring across six key domains (Financial, Restriction, Operational, Geopolitical, ESG, and Cybersecurity) in a single dashboard to prioritize vendor due diligence effectively.

Monitor risk forecasts efficiently with automated workflows.

Save time and streamline staff resources by using a single source for risk domain information, assessment workflows, risk domain score updates, and triggered alerts when a risk score changes.

Scale your risk management program confidently.

Reduce third-party due diligence cycle times, see across your vendor ecosystem, and respond to threats proactively. Build trust and confidence in your risk management program with the assurance that no compliance or risk detail is missed.

Connector Components
  • Screening across six critical domains: Cyber, ESG, Financial, Catastrophic, Geopolitical, and Restrictions.
  • Nightly refreshes of risk score data for continuous monitoring of your risks.
  • Single platform for information access, data repository, risk alerts, and automated assessment workflows.
  • Pre-defined connector configuration.
  • Cost-effective solution, proven to save your team time and reduce operational costs.
  • The most comprehensive solution to manage domain and third-party risk on the market today.

Boost your cyber resilience and analyze your third-party risk factors.

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