CyberGRX Enables Microsoft to Expedite Risk Management Across Key Cloud Projects

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June 2023

We are pleased to recognize Microsoft for expediting the sharing of risk assessments and merging their two cloud assessments, Azure + Dynamics and M365, into a single offering available via the CyberGRX Exchange. This step to simplify the requesting and granting of validated third-party assessments enables Microsoft to satisfy the risk management needs of more customers and reinforces the company’s commitment to transparency and security. 

As organizations evolve to operate at the ever escalating speed of business, cloud providers like Microsoft must ensure they can meet the security and risk management needs of their customers. With that goal in mind, 2023 is the fourth consecutive year that Microsoft has engaged in the CyberGRX validation model and provided validated risk assessment results in the Exchange. The additional step Microsoft took to make their validated CyberGRX assessment for Azure + Dynamics and M365 a single offering streamlines the process for customers to request and quickly access the risk profiles across the Microsoft Cloud from the CyberGRX Exchange. 

“Microsoft has made it an imperative to uncover effective methods for our customers to meet security priorities,” said Jeffrey Gallucci, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft. “Collaboration with third-party risk management firms like CyberGRX is one of the ways we support our customers in their risk assessment pursuit.” 

The CyberGRX platform produces standardized and actionable data that goes beyond the results of traditional security assessments to deliver unique and predictive insights across an entire portfolio of third parties. From inherent and residual risk views, to mapping against common and customized frameworks, to providing control gap analysis using threat profiles and attack analytics against real-life cyberattacks, CyberGRX provides the most comprehensive and actionable risk profile available. This model gives organizations interested in Microsoft’s cloud security control implementation the ability to select the controls or frameworks that are the most important to their business and provides validated responses for their review. 

“Trust and action are critical currencies in today’s business environment,” said Fred Kneip, CEO, CyberGRX. “By instituting a system to ensure customers have easy access to validated assessments and can make smarter, data-informed decisions faster, Microsoft is flipping the script on the traditional ways third party risks are managed.”

To learn how CyberGRX can help you modernize your security assurance and risk management programs, book a demo with our team.

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