Salesforce Integration

Integrate Risk, Compliance, Product and Service Information with the Leading Customer Success Platform

ProcessUnity for is integration technology that powers bi-directional synchronization between any application and ProcessUnity’s cloud-based risk management and offer management suites. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, ProcessUnity for Salesforce allows organizations to make risk and compliance data as well as key product and service information available to sales and client services teams in their familiar Salesforce interface. Additionally, customers can deliver prospect and customer data directly to their ProcessUnity applications.

Incorporate risk, compliance and offer management data into reports and dashboardsIncorporate data into ProcessUnity applications

Simple, Powerful Integration

ProcessUnity for Salesforce eliminates the need for programming, allowing system administrators to quickly build integrations using a simple field-mapping interface. Example integrations include:

  • For Governance, Risk and Compliance programs, Asset Management firms can incorporate client incident histories (trading errors) on account views in Salesforce, so sales and service representatives are always aware of current and past issues and corrective actions being taken.
  • For Offer Management programs, Benefit Providers can equip sales teams with pre-approved product and service packages that steer prospects towards preferred, higher-value offerings. Client service teams can view service usage information to easily identify cross-sell opportunities and determine which of their clients are under-performing.

With the integration, organizations can add ProcessUnity data into Salesforce fields, so it can be accessed in standard and custom objects, reports and dashboards. Likewise, ProcessUnity users can incorporate information from Salesforce directly into risk, compliance and product offer management initiatives.

Flexible, Configurable Connections

A simple mapping interface connects data from ProcessUnity to Salesforce

Integrations can be configured to move data in a single direction or bi-directionally. The connection supports insert, update and upsert (update and insert) data operations for both ProcessUnity and Salesforce. Powerful scheduling options allow system administrators to automate data updates on a periodic basis (daily, overnight, weekly, monthly, etc.) or perform on-demand synchronizations if the need arises.

Secure and Reliable

ProcessUnity for Salesforce creates a secure and reliable connection between the two application platforms. ProcessUnity’s role-based security, permission-based custom reports and import templates, combined with Salesforce’s powerful and secure APIs ensure that system users have uninterrupted access to their data.

Powering Sales and Client Service Teams

ProcessUnity for Salesforce equips sales and client service teams with relevant risk management and offer management information without requiring users to access multiple applications. The resulting combination helps account-facing employees achieve their sales and service targets.