Product & Service Offer Management

Centralize Product Definitions. Manage Client Profitability. Deliver Outstanding Service.

Organizations with complex service offerings rely on ProcessUnity’s cloud-based offer management system to centralize product information, proactively manage client profitability and implement controls to deliver outstanding customer service.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce cost and complexity – consolidate systems and reduce exceptions
  • Improve customer satisfaction/retention – deliver a consistent service experience
  • Reduce risk – ensure offerings are effectively deployed and utilized across the service delivery lifecycle
  • Improve employee productivity – reduce reactive requests and improve collaboration
  • Generate maximum profit from each client – steer them towards preferred services
  • Improve Return on Investment – invest in the right set of product gaps to drive client adoption of preferred services
  • Centralize Product Info

    Centralize Product Information

    ProcessUnity aligns product, sales and services teams with a single, definitive source of offer information.

    Classify product and service features, functions and delivery methods:

    • Consolidate the spreadsheets, databases and systems used to store portions of catalog data
    • Capture previously undocumented products and services
    • Implement a change management process for new additions and ongoing updates

    Identify best practices and preferred offerings:

    • Capture the degree of variation and the direct impact on cost, revenue and client satisfaction
    • Categorize each product using an organization’s own naming conventions and definitions
    • Report on service variations and cost metrics
    • Quickly highlight high-risk services

    Identify, track and remediate critical gaps in a product line:

    • Compare product and service offerings against industry benchmarks to identify potential deficiencies
    • Document gaps and summarize them by service area
    • Track real-time progress in completing projects and closing critical gaps
  • Manage Client Profitability

    Proactively Manage Client Profitability

    ProcessUnity connects client usage metrics to product offerings, allowing organizations to analyze and manage the health, risk and profitability of each client on a per-plan basis.

    Map clients to the actual products and services they use:

    • Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) and record-keeping platforms to synchronize client data
    • Analyze detailed client and plan level profiles
    • Identify clients with non-preferred services and/or product gaps

    Analyze client health:

    • Access dashboards and reports to quickly surface at-risk accounts and why each client requires attention
    • Review client health score indicators
    • Calculate both cost and revenue on a per-client basis
    • Track historical data on a per-client and per-attribute to view the progress of each account over time

    Drive positive change in client accounts:

    • Quickly identify cross-sell opportunities
    • Benchmark similar clients against each other
    • Transition clients to preferred, highly valued services
  • Implement Controls

    Implement Controls to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

    ProcessUnity provides a governance and collaboration framework that ensures optimal service delivery across all clients.

    Implement governance processes:

    • Facilitate a process to request, manage and approve product and service exceptions
    • Develop, communicate and enforce product and service guardrails
    • Manage version control and full audit trails
    • Monitor exceptions through interactive dashboards and reports
    • Systematically eliminate underutilized and lower-margin offerings

    Facilitate collaboration between sales and services teams:

    • Align sales and service teams and their goals
    • Streamline stakeholders’ day-to-day activities and reduce time spent responding to reactive requests
    • Communicate best practice data between functional areas
    • Create a common playbook so product, sales, implementation and relationship teams speak with a unified voice
    • Ensure faster, smoother client implementations, and deploy exactly what was sold to the client

    Deliver key insights that help plan sponsors improve their benefit packages:

    • Power the annual business planning process with critical plan data
    • Track performance against service-level agreements (SLAs) with clients to ensure plans are performing as expected
    • Respond faster to custom requests with greater accuracy and best-practice data to support recommendations