Cloud-Based Enterprise Risk Management Software Tools

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, Assess, Monitor and Control Enterprise Risk

More than ever, enterprise risk management programs are essential to business success and security. Such a program must provide clear visibility into the specific risks confronting the organization, which parts of the organization are most threatened by those risks, the likelihood and level of impact of potential risk events on the business and its goals, and the controls necessary to protect the business from such events. In addition, an effective risk-management program must actively verify the effectiveness of mitigating controls, monitor changes that may indicate increased levels of risk, track loss events that signal the failure of risk controls and ensure the progress of corrective actions taken to remediate control issues.

ProcessUnity Enterprise Risk Management provides secure, cost-effective, automated support for the full range of activities required in a successful risk management program. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based solution facilitates the documentation, evaluation, monitoring and mitigation of any type of risk threatening the enterprise, whether technological, financial, environmental, commercial, information security-related or regulatory.

Leading organizations worldwide rely on ProcessUnity to enhance the overall effectiveness of risk management initiatives while streamlining day-to-day risk management processes. Supported activities include:

  • Define risks and link them to business processes, functional areas, financial accounts, business lines, IT assets, facilities, organization units and documentation
  • Identify inherent risk levels based on probability and impact as well as on organization-specific evaluation criteria
  • Analyze risk levels based on organization-defined templates and self-assessment questionnaires
  • Develop mitigating controls for each risk and assign residual risk levels based on presence and effectiveness of those mitigating controls
  • Monitor risk metrics and take action when values exceed specified escalation and threshold levels
  • Define and track loss events linked to specific risks and areas of the business; Review, approve and monitor loss-event resolution

With ProcessUnity Enterprise Risk Management, organizations:

  • Assign risk and compliance assessments and tasks to key stakeholders throughout the organization, assigning accountability at all levels of the enterprise
  • Integrate risk management processes with multiple enterprise systems through a simple point-and-click interface
  • Automatically roll-up risk and compliance information through powerful reporting capabilities and interactive dashboards
  • Protect what is most important to their business via decision support capabilities that provide instant understanding of what is owned, its value and its interdependencies