Effective & Efficient Risk & Compliance Management

Regulatory Compliance Management

Ensure Compliance with Industry Standards, Government Regulations and Corporate Policies

Most organizations must comply with a variety of regulations, standards and corporate policies that govern the conduct of their businesses. With the number and importance of applicable regulations, standards, and policies on the increase, enterprises are compelled to develop more efficient and effective compliance programs that minimize redundancy and maximize control — not only to reduce the costs associated with their compliance programs but also to help ensure the quality, reliability, and completeness of their compliance management efforts.

ProcessUnity Regulatory Compliance Management is a cloud-based application that automates the full range of activities involved in ensuring compliance. Our easy-to-use solution facilitates the efficient development, deployment, verification and ongoing assurance of internal business controls and technology controls — linked to the business elements they protect and the regulations and standards they fulfill. Audits and assessments can address common compliance requirements as well as reuse control definitions and test results to meet specific demands for organization-, geography-, system- or entity-specific evaluations. In addition, ProcessUnity’s unique and flexible regulatory compliance management capabilities make it easy to implement efficient programs that match customer-specific requirements and practices, helping to ensure broad adoption within the enterprise. Secure, controlled access to controls documentation and test results greatly simplifies fulfillment of information requests from third-parties such as internal and external auditors, regulators, customers and partners.

With ProcessUnity Regulatory Compliance Management, organizations:

  • Integrate disparate compliance processes and sources of information, providing users with a single portal for completing work
  • Significantly reduce administrative burden by automating workflow, risk-based scoping, data collection, assessment scoring, findings generation and notifications
  • Leverage dynamic dashboards and reports to roll-up compliance results to policies, controls, regulations, business units, divisions and other components of your business hierarchy
  • Save time and money by replicating results of one regulation across multiple regulations