Effective & Efficient Risk & Compliance Management

Incident Management

Report, Track and Resolve Incidents Related to Key Regulatory Requirements

Most risk management and compliance programs – and their associated regulations and corporate policies – require that certain types of incidents be captured, reported and tracked to closure. ProcessUnity Incident Management is a cloud-based solution that minimizes the risk and administrative burden involved in documenting, evaluating and resolving incidents that may violate a company’s key business management imperatives such as governance policies, security controls and practices, and regulatory requirements.

With ProcessUnity Incident Management, organizations:

  • Capture incidents as they are reported, evaluate their seriousness, assign responsibility and specify the nature and timing of target resolutions
  • Highlight the business impact of incidents through links to key elements such as processes, systems, risks, controls, business areas, individuals and documentation
  • View incidents in the context of relevant enterprise policies and procedures, codes of ethics, applicable regulations and standards, and contractual obligations
  • Monitor the ongoing status and progress of any remediation efforts associated with the resolution of reported incidents