Vendor Risk Management Software

Vendor Contract Management

Manage Third-Party Agreements, Contracts, Terms and Other Legal Documents

Within vendor contract management, you need to manage complex documents, including contracts and their related appendices. ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management creates both a centralized repository and a unified process, replacing haphazard manual tracking with automated accountability.

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management enables streamlined vendor contract management for organizations.

With ProcessUnity, you can create a centralized repository for vendor contract management information. Through a single point of control, you can:

Automate Vendor Contract Reviews

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management pushes contracts to the right personnel, at the right times, for reviews and signatures; as each party fulfills its obligations, the document is automatically shuttled to the next appropriate party in your predefined approval workflow.

Capture Important Contract Metadata

Simplify vendor contract management by consolidating all the important information about your contracts in one place. Through ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management, you can record, track and monitor:

  • Unique contract identifiers
  • Contract value
  • Signatures
  • Expiry/refresh dates
  • Contract state
  • Vendor contact information