Implementation Managers

Ensure Faster, Smoother Client Launches

The implementation team sets the tone for the entire client relationship. The average implementation manager has to balance “on-time and on-budget” with high client satisfaction ratings post-deployment. To deliver the best client experience and keep costly exceptions out of new customer deployments, implementation managers need:

  • Insight into exactly what was sold to a given client
  • A clear understanding of preferred versus non-preferred services, and the cost implications of custom requests
  • Access to benchmarks and customer testimonials that support recommendations to adopt preferred solutions

ProcessUnity’s product and service Offer Management solution creates a single, trusted source of product information, enabling implementation managers to improve the quality of the onboarding process while shortening the duration.

with processunity, implementation teams:

  • Streamline the client discovery process and shorten the implementation cycle
  • Develop rollout plans that give clients confidence the provider is delivering the best configuration for their organization
  • Respond to custom service requests quickly and accurately – using key metrics, pricing data and customer case studies to provide sound client advice
  • Improve the quality of the implementation experience while reducing the risk of errors and increased costs

through processunity, implementation professionals gain:

  • Critical data and proof points that support client adoption of preferred services
  • Knowledge of the impact of customization to pricing
  • Transparency into key product and process changes that occur mid-implementation
  • Visibility into operational impacts resulting from client exceptions
  • Trending information on common services requested by new clients

processunity enables project teams to quickly and accurately address critical implementation questions, including:

  • Which services were sold to the client?
  • Are we confident that we can administer the current plan document?
  • Which services are preferred for this client’s segment?
  • We uncovered unique service requirements at the kick-off meeting. If we offer them, will we be on budget?

ProcessUnity helps ensure an efficient implementation process that sets the right tone at the onset of a client relationship. Armed with a clear understanding of preferred client solutions, acceptable exceptions and details on pricing, implementation managers have the tools they need to provide a highly valued customer experience while delivering client conversions on time and on budget.

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