ProcessUnity and Interos Partner to Enable Data-Driven Decisions Across Third-Party Ecosystems

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February 2024

Integration to unify third-party risk management across the enterprise and increase confidence in cyber and procurement decisions

BOSTON, February 13, 2024 – ProcessUnity, provider of comprehensive end-to-end third-party risk management and cybersecurity solutions to leading enterprises, today announced an integration with Interos, the supply chain resilience company allowing organizations to assess, monitor, and mitigate risks throughout their multi-tier supply chain. Via an Interos Connector, ProcessUnity customers will achieve streamlined third-party onboarding and ongoing monitoring through consolidated insights across critical risk domains such as Cyber, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Financial, Geopolitical and Reputational.

Third-party risk management has become exponentially more complex as vendor onboarding continues to occur at a rapid pace and additional dimensions of risk emerge. Now, third-party risk management has become an organizational wide initiative, often being driven across security, procurement and third-party risk management divisions. The ProcessUnity Interos Connector makes it easier for internal stakeholders to collaborate on risk management programming by consolidating the process into a single platform, eliminating the inconvenience of managing multiple providers. Interos’ risk domain ratings integrate into ProcessUnity’s Third-Party Risk Management platform, allowing customers to zero in on the highest risk, identify areas where deeper due diligence is needed, and gain full visibility into critical risk domains across the vendor lifecycle.

“Our mission is to help users enhance their organizational efficiency, as mitigating third-party risk is no longer just a focus for cybersecurity or procurement, but truly the entire business. Users need tools that are reliable, scalable and impactful for business operations as a whole. That has been the driving factor behind this partnership,” said Jennifer Bisceglie, Founder and CEO at Interos. “We’re proud to work with ProcessUnity to expand access to our pioneering scoring and relationship discovery technologies and serve as a trusted partner that can provide unmatched support to enterprises on their risk management journeys.”

Together, ProcessUnity and Interos will enable customers to:

  • Proactively Assess & Mitigate Risk – Customers can seamlessly integrate supply chain scoring, monitoring and relationship discovery technologies that automate risk assessment, detection and response. Any changes or updates to vendor risk profiles detected by Interos can trigger alerts in ProcessUnity.
  • Access Unique Risk Intelligence – Interos Resilience Risk Factors integrated into ProcessUnity transforms the way customers can manage risk by contextualizing and connecting objectives, third-party risk data to broader vendor risk workflows, driving efficiencies and business success.
  • Perform Continuous Monitoring – The continuous monitoring of risk factors drives automated workflows within the ProcessUnity TPRM platform. By providing the necessary visibility to enable process adjustments, organizations can centralize and track vendor risk profiles over time.

“We are committed to being a one-stop-shop for third-party risk management and partnering with Interos enhances our ability to help enterprises perform vendor onboarding and post-contract due diligence,” said Todd Boehler, VP, Strategy at ProcessUnity. “Assessing vendor risk does not conclude once a vendor is onboarded, and with Interos’ technology, we can alleviate pressure faced by CISOs, CPOs and TPRM leaders to continuously assess and manage risk throughout the entire vendor relationship lifecycle. Customers will have the tools to proactively identify and mitigate risk in real-time.”

Bisceglie and Boehler sat down with David Wright and Paul Kunas at Accenture to further analyze the critical issues in the third-party risk management market and demonstrate how Accenture has built its strategy for enhancing operational resilience on the backbone of the ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management platform and Interos’ pioneering relationship discovery and risk scoring technology. Watch the webinar on-demand.

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ProcessUnity is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for third-party risk and cybersecurity performance management. The ProcessUnity platform unifies how organizations assess, measure, and mitigate risk through automation. Built by a team of risk experts and implemented within the world’s leading enterprises, ProcessUnity solutions align programs and people to create a well-rounded defense against critical business risks. Headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, ProcessUnity has earned recognition from leading analyst firms, customers and partners. For more information, visit

About Interos

Interos is the AI-first supply chain resilience company – creating the most trusted and transparent supply chains in the world. Our pioneering scoring and relationship discovery technologies enable customers to automate risk assessment, detection, and response. As the world’s only fully automated supply chain resilience platform, we protect organizations from regulatory violations, unethical labor, cyber-attacks, bankruptcy, catastrophe, and other supplier vulnerabilities. Interos serves a variety of commercial, government, and public sector customers around the world, from within the members of the Five Eyes countries as well as a host of Global Fortune 500 companies.

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