Survey: Understanding Service Value is the Key Driver of Success for Benefits Administration and Retirement Services Industries

Executives from Retirement, Health and Insurance, and Equity Compensation Organizations Sound Off to Improve Client Satisfaction and Deliver Service Excellence

Concord, MA – July 30, 2014 – Understanding which services clients value most has the greatest impact on client satisfaction, retention and profitability, according to surveyed executives in the benefits administration and retirement services industries. The survey, conducted by ProcessUnity and Chatham Partners at the Industry Expert Forum, offers insights into how firms are aligned to drive value from the sales process, improve client satisfaction, and deliver service excellence and ROI.

“Improving client satisfaction and retention requires a clear understanding of the services your clients value, and the discipline to understand which clients are the best fit for your services,” said Lisa Weil, Vice President and General Manager of Service Delivery Risk Management (SDRM) at ProcessUnity. “Firms that measure their clients’ perceived value and equip relationship managers with relevant information and insights into service utilization will achieve greater customer loyalty and a streamlined path to profitability.”

More than 60 percent of respondents indicated they are not confident their firms understand which services are highly valued, indicating the need to further align strategic customer requirements with service offer details.

Other key survey findings include:

  • 86 percent of survey respondents specified they are challenged with aligning incentives to drive new behaviors in their sales and client service delivery processes.
  • 83 percent of survey respondents wrestle with governing the process for rolling out and measuring adoption of new products and services.

“The results of the Chatham Partners and ProcessUnity industry survey reveal that retirement services and benefits administration providers are entering into an important phase in the industry, where opportunities abound to change their cultures for the better while retaining proven core competencies,” said Joshua Dietch, Managing Director of Chatham Partners. “The findings from this survey are invaluable for organizations looking to improve their existing client relationships while employing the necessary tactics and strategies to pursue new business.”

The survey was conducted at the Industry Expert Forum: Changing the Conversation, co-hosted by ProcessUnity and Chatham Partners. Executives from retirement, health and insurance, and equity compensation organizations participated in the one-day event aimed at transforming client experiences to drive greater satisfaction and loyalty.


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