ProcessUnity Introduces Cybersecurity Program Management Solution

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December 2020

Industry’s First Comprehensive, Prepackaged Solution to Effectively Manage an Organization’s Cybersecurity Program

CONCORD, MASS. – December 12020  ProcessUnitya leading provider of cloud-based applications for risk and compliance management, today launched new software solution to automate enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Program Management (CPM). Designed specifically for the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)ProcessUnity CPM is the industry’s first comprehensive, prepackaged platform to allow you to evaluate and remediate cybersecurity risk effectively; schedule and automate cyber-related activities; prioritize cyber projects; prove compliance; and report on cybersecurity control effectiveness across the organization.  

“Today’s CISO has greater responsibility and accountability than ever before. They need to answer key questions from management and the Board: What are the organization’s top cyber risks, both internally and externally? What is required to fill the gaps? How much will that cost?” said Todd Boehler, Senior Vice President of Strategy at ProcessUnity. “Combine this with an everevolving technology and regulatory landscape, and it makes managing compliance a real-time challenge. We found there was no comprehensive onestop solution to manage the program while also providing visibility into the state of cybersecurity risk. Working with cybersecurity experts and our customers, we combined our own deep GRC product expertise, our marketleading platform and industrystandard mapped content to provide organizations with a path forward to finally achieve true cybersecurity program management.  

ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management is a single, comprehensive platform for centrally managing an entire cybersecurity program with prepackaged mapped content, automated workflows and assessments, and dynamic reporting. The system enables CISOs to inventory and assess high-value assets; map them to threats, risks, policies and control standards; automate reviews; and capture evidence of compliance. With ProcessUnity CPM, CISOs can:  

  • Identify and track cybersecurity-related projects across the organization  
  • Maintain one schedule for cyber reviews, assessments, remediation and training validation 
  • Monitor both internal and third-party assets in a single cybersecurity program 
  • Establish an answer bank of cybersecurity responses tied to a central control framework 
  • Export a customized, board-ready report that covers all relevant risks, threats, control reviews, assets, issues, incidents, projects and policies 
  • Get a complete, up-to-date view of cybersecurity preparedness

Key solution components include:  

Self-Configuring Control FrameworkProcessUnity CPM leverages a pre-built meta framework model based on the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) mapped to the most common security frameworks, including NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), NIST 800-53 and ISO 27002. Using this in combination with appropriate industry regulations (GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS, etc.), the platform intelligently selects from a library of more than 800 supported control standards to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity coverage across the organization.   

Automated Scoping and ScheduleVia a step-by-step, guided self-assessment, ProcessUnity CPM automatically scopes the program – mapping threats, risks, controls and regulations – and self-configures an annual review schedule, complete with pre-built content, workflow triggers, notifications and reminders.   

Built in Workflows & Assessments: Leveraging the ProcessUnity platform’s industryleading automation capabilities, ProcessUnity CPM provides automated workflows and assessments to make sure program activities stay on track. Through Hands-Free Automation, ProcessUnity CPM manages the program activities throughout the year, automatically distributing assessments and alerting stakeholders at appropriate times to make sure all tasks are completed, and all evidence is captured  

Interactive Dashboards & ReportingProcessUnity CPM’s powerful reporting provides real-time visibility into the state of the cybersecurity program while interactive dashboards deliver at-a-glance insight into the level of threats, risks, policies, controls, issues and incidents enterprise-wide. Drill-down capabilities readily display details in areas of concern to accelerate remediation and lend insight for investment prioritization. Extensive custom reporting and export capabilities facilitate the quick creation of customized, board-ready reports while targeted reports and dashboards can be leveraged by the cybersecurity organization, C-suite, risk committee and others using an intuitive interface.  

To learn more about ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management download the CPM datasheet or visit    

ProcessUnity will present a live Cybersecurity Program Management webinar on January 21, 2021 at 12:00 PM ET. The session will outline the challenges facing today’s CISO and the benefits of implementing a formalized CPM program. A product demo will be featured in this session. To register, visit: Webinar: Introducing ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management.   

ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management enables organizations to understand and manage cybersecurity threats and risks across applications, systems, facilities and third parties. Combining a fully-mapped control framework, automated workflows and best-practice assessments, ProcessUnity CPM delivers comprehensive, accurate and on-time information to meet the evolving demands of cybersecurity governance, risk and compliance.  

About ProcessUnity 
ProcessUnity is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for risk and compliance management. The company’s software as a service (SaaS) platform gives organizations the control to assess, measure, and mitigate risk and to ensure the optimal performance of key business processes. ProcessUnity is used by the world’s leading financial service firms and commercial enterprises.  The company is headquartered outside Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, visit 

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ProcessUnity is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for risk and compliance management. The company’s software as a service (SaaS) platform gives organizations the control to assess, measure, and mitigate risk and to ensure the optimal performance of key business processes. ProcessUnity’s flagship solution, ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management, protects companies and their brands by reducing risks from third-party vendors and suppliers. ProcessUnity helps customers effectively and efficiently assess and monitor both new and existing vendors – from initial due diligence and onboarding through termination. Headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, ProcessUnity is used by the world’s leading financial service firms and commercial enterprises. For more information, visit