Businesses Can Quickly Assess Third Parties During COVID-19 With ProcessUnity’s Pandemic Questionnaire

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Complimentary Questionnaire Provides Baseline for Third-Party Risk Management Teams to Survey Vendor Populations

CONCORD, MASS. – March 25, 2020 – ProcessUnity, a leading provider of cloud-based applications for risk and compliance management, today released a complimentary pandemic assessment for businesses to assess their third parties, vendors and suppliers to understand the effect of COVID-19 on critical business operations. ProcessUnity’s Third-Party Pandemic Questionnaire provides a set of questions that quickly assess and gather relevant, event-driven information on an organization’s partner network and supply chain.

Download a complimentary copy of the ProcessUnity Third-Party Pandemic Questionnaire (no registration or personal information required).

“When an event like COVID-19 occurs, business leaders need to work together to assess the potential impact and implement contingency plans – from instituting work-at-home policies, to reprioritizing projects and establishing financial resiliency timelines,” said Todd Boehler, Senior Vice President of Strategy, ProcessUnity. “As many organizations rely on third parties for day to day operations, this questionnaire will help third-party risk program owners contribute critical insight as to where resources and focus should be directed. Communication and transparency is essential to this process, as disruptions in outsourced services can lead to exposures and losses that no one wants. Our hope is that organizations can use this questionnaire to have the best information possible to sustain business operations.”

The Third-Party Pandemic Questionnaire includes questions that focus on concentration/geographic risk, remote work risk, financial solvency risk, business resiliency risk and pandemic risk. Organizations can use the questionnaire as a reference to develop their own set of questions or they can send it as-is to vet their critical and high-risk vendors.

Contact ProcessUnity with questions regarding supplemental risk assessments or to learn about ProcessUnity’s cloud-based Vendor Risk Management platform, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that helps companies identify and remediate risks posed by third-party service providers.

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