Use Cases

Product & Service Offer Management

Put Product, Sales and Services Teams on the Same Profitable Page

Your sales people are on the move – and under pressure to seal the deal. In complex industries (e.g., financial services, 401(k)s), they need one place from which to draw product information, fast, while ensuring that their deals remain consistent with enterprise profitability. Sales wants the ability to access to product and offer data at any time, from any device, in any location. And you need assurance that they’re working from the correct, most up to date information.

No One Has the Time to Hunt for Accurate Information

As your organization grows, so too does the volume and complexity of your product catalog. Important information may be scattered among spreadsheets and databases held by different people in different departments. Without easy access to accurate data, deals can be delayed. Worse, they may be structured in ways that compromise company profits.

Centralize Your Offers in One Accessible Location

ProcessUnity’s Product and Service Offer Management functions create one library of product/offer definitions that eliminates confusion and enforces standardization. Our product solutions help you to:

  • Align product, sales and services teams with a single, definitive source of offer information
  • Promote best practices and preferred offerings
  • Identify, track and remediate critical gaps in your product lines
  • Map clients to the products and services they use
  • Analyze client health by tracking historical data over time