Use Case: Managed Services Management

Technology plus talent equals a powerful partner program

Run your service offering on the ProcessUnity platform

Streamline service delivery while efficiently expanding your portfolio. As a Managed Services Management partner, you can use ProcessUnity technology — for Compliance Management, Third-Party Risk Management, and more – to increase your value to current clients, and expand into new markets. We offer:

  • Automation that enables efficient scaling, both in customer volume and in the variety of services you may offer
  • Consistent methodologies that are built into ProcessUnity tools for repeatability
  • Flexibility: you may augment ProcessUnity technology with your own models and IP configurations
  • Centralized control of multiple clients, multiple service roles
  • Superior reporting powers that demonstrate your value to clients
  • Faster onboarding, accelerated service delivery

To learn how your service firm can become a ProcessUnity partner, contact our Managed Services Management team today.

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