Use Cases

Exam & Audit Response Management

Meet Requests with Impressive Speed and Organization

There’s no time for chaos when internal auditors or external regulators hand you a “first day letter” or any documentation request. You need rapid, seamless access to all the documents they demand, from policies and procedures to organizational charts and financial documentation. In fact, how you react is as important as what you submit: a timely, well-organized response encourages confidence among auditors and regulators, and builds a foundation of trust for the course of the review.

Are You Ready – Right Now?

Too many organizations fail to anticipate the inevitable. Important policies may be scattered across numerous departments, and key evidence trails can be obscured within various spreadsheets and email inboxes. Even ordinary requests can trigger hasty scrambles, instead of the organized response auditors and regulators prefer to see.

Automation Brings Organization

ProcessUnity’s Exam and Audit Response Management tools give you a rational, repeatable and most of all, rapid way to respond to document requests. With our cloud-based system you can:

  • Create, maintain, and access a library of policies and procedure documents
  • Manage a document request workflow that assigns responsibilities, sets milestones, and sends reminders
  • Visualize progress through a dashboard with tracking features and color-coded status alerts