Governance, Risk & Compliance Use Cases

ProcessUnity’s cloud-based risk and compliance management solutions provide insight, clarity and control for key stakeholders in the enterprise. Click the links below to learn how ProcessUnity can help you with various Governance, Risk and Compliance use cases:


Automated Incident Management

Take control before incidents run out-of-control. ProcessUnity’s cloud-based automation tools allow you to apply business rules throughout the incident management process, directing users to the right people, policies and procedures when time is of the essence.
Learn more: Automated Incident Management


Exam & Audit Response Management

Meet requests with impressive speed and organization. ProcessUnity’s Exam and Audit Response Management tools give you a rational, repeatable and most of all, rapid way to respond to document requests.
Learn more: Exam And Audit Response Management


Managed Service Management

Technology plus talent equals a powerful partner program. Run your service offering on the ProcessUnity platform.
Learn more: Managed Services Management


Operational Risk Management

Identify, assess, monitor and control threats to business operations. ProcessUnity’s SaaS-based technology integrates operational risk management under one umbrella, streamlining the entire ORM process into a visible, automated workflow.
Learn more: Operational Risk Management


Policy & Procedure Management

Enforce standards for policy and procedure documentation and certification. ProcessUnity’s Policy and Procedure Management solution replaces potential chaos with powerful controls, establishing one simple, standard system for administering policy lifecycles, certifying communications, assessing performance, and managing exceptions and issues.
Learn more: Policy & Procedure Management


Product & Service Offer Management

Put product, sales and services teams on the same profitable page. ProcessUnity’s Product and Service Offer Management functions create one library of product/offer definitions that eliminates confusion and enforces standardization.
Learn more: Product & Service Offer Management


Risk & Control Self-Assessments (RCSA)

Proving out the effectiveness of your Operational Risk Management program. ProcessUnity applies a federated data model that gathers controls and tests into one library that can be shared and accessed by multiple departments and functional areas.
Learn more: Risk & Control Self Assessments (RCSAs)


Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Management

Master Sarbanes-Oxley challenges with next-generation software tools. ProcessUnity brings all the virtues of a cloud-based, SaaS solution to SOX compliance challenges.
Learn more: Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Management


Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Tracking

Centralize SLA management for superior control. By tracking “key risk indicators” tied to your SLAs, your organization can confirm the value of its investment, and/or assemble data to negotiate a better deal.
Learn more: Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)


Third-Party Risk Management Automation

Simplify vendor risk management processes with automation. ProcessUnity Vendor Cloud helps organizations effectively and efficiently manage the risk, cost and complexity of critical vendors throughout the entire relationship – onboarding, contracts, due diligence, performance monitoring, quality and service level management.
Learn more: Third-Party Risk Management Automation


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