Effective & Efficient Risk & Compliance Management

Issue Management

Identify, Assign and Track Issues Risk and Compliance Issues

Keeping track of issues and the context in which they arise is a key part of any effective risk management program. What are the issues? Who raised them? Who will resolve them and by when? In addition, managing issue reporting and resolution effectively requires assurance that issue status and progress toward resolution is communicated to the right people within your organization in a straightforward, secure, and timely way.

ProcessUnity Issues Management is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to effectively and efficiently capture and monitor the resolution of issues that arise out of all their risk and compliance management activities, including risk assessments, controls testing, third-party exams, internal and external audits, and vendor risk evaluations.

With ProcessUnity Issues Management, organizations:

  • Raise and document issues at any time, evaluate their seriousness, assign responsibility and specify the nature and timing of target resolutions
  • Highlight the business impact of issues through links to key elements such as business processes, systems, risks, controls, and business lines, as well as to relevant regulations, standards, and policies
  • Collaborate with issue owners and interested parties to ensure the accurate capture and appropriate resolution of issues within the specified target time frames
  • Monitor the ongoing status and progress of any remediation efforts associated with issue resolution