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Vendor ESG Intelligence with EcoVadis

Targeted Intelligence Enables Enhanced Due Diligence & Ongoing Monitoring

Vendor ESG Intelligence with EcoVadis

ProcessUnity Vendor ESG Intelligence (VEI) seamlessly and automatically incorporates Ecovadis’ business sustainability ratings into ProcessUnity’s Vendor Risk Management platform to provide actionable insights for environmental, social and ethical risks. ProcessUnity’s VEI solution provides greater visibility for the onboarding and continuous monitoring process of a vendor’s lifecycle using business data and insights. With seamless integration of EcoVadis’ ratings and scorecard content, ProcessUnity VEI provides actionable insights into a third party’s sustainability performance to reduce risk, create transparency, and improve environmental and social outcomes.

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management + Ecovadis ESG Ratings

Third-party risk analysts can complete an EcoVadis Assessments request directly within ProcessUnity to expedite onboarding.

Vendor ESG Intelligence with EcoVadis

Enhanced Third-Party Risk Management

Accurate Vendor ESG Ratings for Informed Onboarding​

VEI significantly reduces time to onboard vendors by providing third-party risk managers with a globally recognized rating (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze medals) to quickly communicate the supplier’s performance level across environmental, social and ethical risk areas.

Real-Time Issue Management

Intelligent automation enhances issue identification and creation throughout a vendor’s lifecycle. Third-party analysts gain a complete issue tracking and management process that reduces subjectivity and speeds resolution.

Thorough Vendor Assessments

ProcessUnity VEI integrates Ecovadis’ ESG factors with the risk intelligence from the Shared Assessments SIG questionnaire to give analysts a wider view of potential risks and greater insight into a company’s reputation risk or potential for supply chain disruption.

Dashboard and Analytics

ProcessUnity Vendor ESG Intelligence dashboards and reports provide a holistic view of risk across vendor populations that enable, benchmark and compare performance across the entire vendor population.

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Solution Components

ProcessUnity Vendor ESG Intelligence is comprised of four key components: ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management, the ProcessUnity EcoVadis Connector, EcoVadis’ business sustainability ratings and a combination of pre-built workflows, notifications, reports and dashboards that power enhanced third-party due diligence, vendor assessments, issue management and ongoing monitoring processes.

EcoVadis rates sustainability performance by assessing a company’s policies, actions and results, as well as inputs from third-party professionals and external stakeholders across seven management indicators and 21 sustainability criteria, in four key themes:

  • Environment
  • Labor & Human Rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable Procurement

Operating at a global level, EcoVadis considers regional regulations and languages while also incorporating industry labels and certifications or the individual standards of a company or organization. EcoVadis accounts for a company’s own documentation, third party inputs like labels and certifications, as well as external news sources like watch lists and databases to give procurement and sustainability teams immediate ESG risk insights across their entire supply base.

This robust risk visibility across all suppliers enhances third-party due diligence, vendor assessments, issue management and ongoing monitoring processes by providing actionable insights into environmental, social and ethical risks. ProcessUnity VEI lends insight into the vendor’s biodiversity, pollution issues, product use and end of life practices, employee health and safety, modern slavery, human trafficking violations, corruption, anticompetitive practices and more.

ProcessUnity seamlessly integrates EcoVadis’ sustainability ratings into its leading vendor risk management platform using a pre-built connector – eliminating the need to manually enter or recalculate rating and streamlining the vendor review process within one application. Analysts are presented with real-time EcoVadis reports and can review the full details behind each assessment. Additionally, the analyst can request a new assessment within the ProcessUnity platform.  These ratings and scores from EcoVadis are paired with the overall risk calculation inside ProcessUnity to lend insight into a supplier’s environmental and social practices and overall risk to the business.

Vendor ESG Intelligence is built on ProcessUnity’s Best Practices Program for Vendor Risk Management – a complete, proven third-party risk program with turn-key workflows, assessments, calculations, risk analysis and reporting. Developed by Third-Party Risk Management subject matter experts and perfected via hundreds of successful customer implementations, Best Practices Program delivers a complete, “out-of-the-box” solution with a high-quality, systematic and repeatable assessment process that improves communication between lines of business – third-party risk analysts and third-party contacts – to ultimately drive risk out of an organization. With built-in integration to EcoVadis’ sustainability ratings, VEI supports third-party risk teams with a complete Third-Party Risk Management solution that deploys in a matter of weeks.

Interactive Dashboards & Reports

ProcessUnity Vendor ESG Intelligence provides a real-time, holistic view of the risk across vendor populations through pre-built interactive reports and dashboards. Drill-down capabilities allow users to quickly find the details in any areas of concern while ProcessUnity’s extensive custom reporting capabilities enable the creation of role-specific reports to demonstrate the existence of a consistent, reliable and repeatable program to executives and regulators.


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