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Vendor Cyber Intelligence with BitSight

Targeted Intelligence for Vendor Onboarding and Continuous Vendor Monitoring

Vendor Cyber Intelligence with BitSight Dashboard

ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence (VCI) with BitSight delivers full-scale insight into a vendor’s cybersecurity posture foproactive third-party risk management. Part virtual analyst, part vendor watchdog, VCI helps execute informed onboarding and ongoing monitoring to streamline risk mitigation. BitSight Security Ratings combined with the ProcessUnity assessment engine provide teams with the continuous insight necessary to protect their internal systems and sensitive data. With up-to-date cyber intelligence and workflow automation, teams achieve a reliable process for confidently managing third-party cyber risk.

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management + BitSight Security Ratings

Interactive dashboards and reports allow third-party risk analysts to monitor vendor cyber risk and screening coverage.

Vendor Cyber Intelligence with BitSight Dashboard

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management + BitSight Security Ratings

Vendor Cyber Intelligence provides comprehensive third-party risk profiles, including BitSight security ratings and risk vector grades.

Vendor Cyber Intelligence Third-Party Profile

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management + BitSight Security Ratings

Vendor Cyber Intelligence centralizes a vendor’s BitSight security rating with third-party request tracking for efficient onboarding and informed decision-making

Vendor Cyber Intelligence Onboarding

Vendor Cyber Intelligence (VCI) is built on the ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management platform to provide continuous insight into the validity of vendors’ cybersecurity posture and overall risk to the business. BitSight cybersecurity ratings are directly embedded within the ProcessUnity platform to centralize risk data throughout the third-party lifecycle.

Vendor Cyber Intelligence is comprised of three key components: BitSight Security Ratings, the ProcessUnity BitSight Connector, and pre-defined configuration within ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management. The combination of these elements power enhanced third-party due diligence, vendor assessments, issue management and ongoing monitoring processes. 

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Intelligent Vendor Onboarding​

During the vendor onboarding process, access to cybersecurity ratings gives third-party analysts a more comprehensive view into vendors’ security posture, validating third-party risk levels and speeding time-to-contract.

Enhanced Vendor Due Diligence​

Vendor Cyber Intelligence is pre-configured with risk vectors mapped to assessment questions to deliver posture analysis on a per-question basis, reducing analyst review time and providing more informed analyst reviews. Ratings also offer validation and high-quality data for analysis to aid in key decision-making processes.

Continuous Vendor Monitoring

Between periodic due diligence, Vendor Cyber Intelligence actively monitors security ratings and automatically notifies risk teams when ratings drop below a certain threshold. Continuous monitoring capabilities reduce third-party risk mid-review cycle and shorten the time required to remediate issues via automatic issue creation.

Real-Time Issue Management

Intelligent automation enhances issue identification and creation throughout a vendor’s lifecycle. Third-party analysts gain complete issue tracking and management processes that reduce subjectivity and speed resolution.

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management software protects companies and their brands by reducing risks from third-party vendors and suppliers. Our platform helps customers effectively and efficiently assess and monitor both new and existing vendors – from initial due diligence and onboarding to termination. Through automation and standardization, ProcessUnity customers reduce busy work, streamline regulatory reporting, and improve overall visibility into vendor performance. Learn more about ProcessUnity and Third-Party Risk Management.

BitSight Security Ratings

BitSight Security Ratings translate complex security risk issues into a business context. The BitSight Security Ratings platform delivers timely, data-driven insights into the security performance of third parties. Using externally validated, non-intrusive data and methods, BitSight analyzes the third party’s cybersecurity posture — analyzing security controls, policies, and more than 20 risk vectors — and applies sophisticated algorithms to generate daily security ratings ranging from 250 to 900. Lower ratings correlate to a higher risk of a data breach.

ProcessUnity BitSight Connector

The ProcessUnity connector seamlessly integrates BitSight security ratings into the ProcessUnity platform using a vendor’s BitSight ID. There is no need to enter or recalculate risk ratings manually. The connector presents security ratings directly within the ProcessUnity platform, eliminating the need to access multiple applications. A direct URL link allows users to easily access real-time BitSight vendor reports to view details behind each risk vector. Additionally, the ratings and scores from BitSight are incorporated into an overall risk calculation inside of the ProcessUnity platform.

Pre-Defined Configuration

BitSight risk vectors are mapped to key cybersecurity-specific SIG questions to enhance onboarding and due diligence. VCI reduces the burden for third-party risk managers by providing high-quality cybersecurity-postured data to assist in key decision-making. This posture mapping on a per-questionnaire basis significantly lessens the analyst review time. Meanwhile, built-in automation improves the accuracy of an analyst’s assessment review by presenting recommendations on how to review the response with contextual analysis. A centralized third-party issue catalog manages, records and monitors issues within the ProcessUnity platform to shorten the time third-party risk managers take to track and remediate issues. Vendor Cyber Intelligence actively monitors security ratings and automatically notifies risk teams when scores drop below a certain threshold between periodic due diligence.

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