ProcessUnity Vendor Intelligence Suite

Vendor Cyber Intelligence with BitSight

Next-Level Due Diligence & Ongoing Monitoring for Third-Party Risk Teams

ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence (VCI) with BitSight, the Standard in Security Ratings, integrates BitSight’s leading cybersecurity ratings with ProcessUnity’s vendor risk management platform.

During vendor onboarding and throughout the relationship, BitSight security ratings combined with ProcessUnity’s assessment engine provide continuous insight into the validity of vendors’ cybersecurity posture and overall risk to the business.

ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence Dashboard

Third-party risk analysts monitor vendor cyber risk and screening coverage via interactive dashboards and reports.

ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence Third-Party Profile

Vendor Cyber Intelligence provides comprehensive third-party risk profiles, including BitSight security ratings and risk vector grades.

ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence Automated Intelligence SIG Review Report

Vendor Cyber Intelligence maps SIG questions to BitSight vector grades for contextual analysis.

ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence SIG Mapping Report

Third-party responses are automatically analyzed for conflicts with mapped BitSight risk vectors.​

ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management Best Practices + BitSight Security Ratings

Vendor Cyber Intelligence is built on ProcessUnity’s Best Practices Configuration for Vendor Risk Management – a complete, proven third-party risk program developed by subject matter experts based on hundreds of customer implementations. With built-in integration to BitSight’s cybersecurity ratings, VCI gives third-party risk teams a complete Third-Party Risk Management solution that deploys in a matter of weeks.

Intelligent Vendor Onboarding​

Access to cybersecurity ratings during the vendor onboarding processes gives third-party analysts a more comprehensive view into vendors’ security posture, affirming inherent risk scores and speeding time-to-contract.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Vendor Cyber Intelligence is pre-configured with risk vectors mapped to over 80 SIG questions to deliver posture analysis on a per-question basis, reducing analyst review time and providing more informed analyst reviews. Ratings also offer validation and high-quality data for analysis to aid in key decision-making processes.

Continuous & Ongoing Monitoring

Between periodic due diligence, Vendor Cyber Intelligence actively monitors security ratings and automatically notifies risk teams when scores drop below a certain threshold. Continuous monitoring capabilities reduce third-party risk mid-review cycle while shortening the time required to track and remediate issues.

Integrated Assessments

Security ratings mapped to assessment questions power better questionnaire response evaluations and streamline assessment analysis.

Real-Time Issue Management

Intelligent automation enhances issue identification and creation throughout a vendor’s lifecycle. Third-party analysts gain a complete issues tracking and management processes that reduces subjectivity and speeds resolution.

Dashboard and Analytics

Vendor Cyber Intelligence dashboards and reports provide a wholistic view of risk across vendor populations, complete with BitSight security ratings and risk vector grades.

Download the ProcessUnity Vendor Cyber Intelligence with BitSight datasheet to learn more.