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ProcessUnity Pandemic Questionnaire Resource Center

When Changes to the Status Quo Occur, ProcessUnity Can Help

When an event like COVID-19 occurs, business leaders work together to assess the potential impact and lay out contingency plans – from instituting work-at-home policies, to reprioritizing projects and establishing financial resiliency timelines. As many of an organization’s day-to-day operations rely on third parties, it’s equally critical to understand the health of vendors and suppliers as part of this planning process.

ProcessUnity's Pandemic Questionnaire allows teams to easily query vendors, suppliers and third parties.

The Pandemic Questionnaire can be a resource to develop your own questionnaire, or a ready-to-send questionnaire for your third parties.

Concentration risk, geo-political risk, financial risk and other types of risk questions are included.

How to Use the ProcessUnity Third-Party Pandemic Questionnaire

Businesses can use the ProcessUnity Third-Party Pandemic Questionnaire in the following ways:

  • As a reference to develop your own pandemic-response questionnaire.
  • As a ready-to-send survey to vet your critical and high-risk vendors.
  • As a template in your Third-Party Risk Management automation platform for immediate and future use.

Download PDF Version | Download Excel Version

If you have questions on the Third-Party Pandemic Questionnaire or need assistance in any way, please feel free to contact us.